Let’s Hear it for the Men! Two great reads: A SPY AT HOME and MAN SHOES

I was on vacation this past week and couldn’t help but notice how many dads (sans moms) were sitting with kids in restaurants, in museums and shopping. Perhaps they were single dads spending their “divided” holiday time with their children.  Or maybe they were dads who were raising kids without moms.  And yet, they could simply just be dads hanging out with their kids while “mom” was doing other “stuff”.  Whatever the reason, it was a pleasure to see dads having real conversations with their children. In honor of hard working and fun loving Dads everywhere- I dedicate this blog.  Also, Moms take note.. there great holiday recommendations here, too!

First up.. two great reads about dads negotiating life through good times and bad .  One if fiction and the other is based on true life.. both compelling and worth your time.

AND.. please take a minute to read the last and most important information on this blog. Thank you.

A SPY AT HOME is written by Joseph Rinaldo who is a parent of an adult daughter with Down Syndrome. However, this fun (with huge exclamation point) read is based on a father-son relationship.   I loved that A SPY AT HOME had loads of “CIA intrigue” while also a human story element revolving around the central character, a father, and his, Noah who has Down Syndrome.

Easily written and a wonderful story, a great addition to any holiday gift list. Best yet.. it was a real find for my new Kindle Fire and made my flight cross country really enjoyable!

You can read more about A SPY AT HOME and perhaps order it here via AMAZON ( I had the Kindle edition): http://www.amazon.com/A-SPY-AT-HOME-ebook/dp/B0033WSVVC

Tom Watson is the Founder of Your Better Life, a company that focuses on empowerment. His personal journey from survival of abuse and foster care to becoming a young stroke victim is the backbone of MAN SHOES, but certainly not the whole story.  It is no wonder that he wrote this inspirational read dedicated to his sons.  MAN SHOES, is written to inspire and help men become better husbands, fathers and sons.

This book swayed from being poignant, heart wrenching, empowering, heartwarming to humorous and quite frankly…simply genius.  Another book with many, many layers… it reads as a love story one moment and a “how to succeed in business” book the other. Easy to read, hard to put down.

Again, ADD THIS book to the list for that hard to buy for man in your life. Here is how you can order it: http://www.manshoes.net/

Read an excerpt here: http://www.manshoes.net/download_form.htm

And, if you are looking for another great tech gift for the men in your life- consider the new KINDLE FIRE.  Easy to use.  Great battery life.  Fun, fun, fun!  And way cost effective at $199 vs. the steeper iPad.  


I am proud to be part of 411 VOICES, a collective of women dedicated to helping others through education and resources.  This holiday season we are hoping to raise awareness and monies for Tsunami relief for Otsuchi, Japan.  411 VOICES member, Sharon Davis (recently featured on 60 Minutes) has been helping her Fort Bragg, California sister city (Otsuchi) with Tsunami relief.  The keychain / ornament featured below is made of wood from a destroyed home. This house belonged to a friend of Sharon’s who lost everything, most of all her mother and sister’s lives.  Yet, she had the presence of mind to help her community to heal by making these wonderful keychains.

We are offering a SILENT AUCTION for this keychain.  The bids can be sent privately to INFO@411VOICES.com  Add your name and email to each bid (plus the amount you wish to bid).  The winner will be announced in a few weeks.  


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