The Power of the Mommy in Social Media!

I recently read an article in USA TODAY which indicated that “Mommy Bloggers” were one of the top influences in buying trends for the BACK TO SCHOOL season!  Now some people may have been surprised at this commentary, however, I was not.  So, without much further ado, I would like to introduce to you some of my “reasons” why I already knew that women / mommies in social media had power, influence and business savvy! And why companies are paying close attention to their websites, blogs, FACEBOOK posts and TWITTER feeds!

First, meet Shara Lawrence- Weiss of MOMMY PERKS,  Early Childhood News and Resources and several other successful websites.  I often refer to Shara as my media guru.  As a integral member of 411 VOICES, Shara is the first one hopping on TWITTER and FACEBOOK in the morning (impressive as she lives in Arizona and beats out her East Coast colleagues!)  Her MOMMY PERKS concept is BRILLIANT.  Simply, having a group of moms/dad/ individuals/ businesses sharing ideas, bargains and information under one roof and in the spirit of giving back to the community!  Many times Shara will announce “perks” from other companies via her amazing “PR machine”.  How do I know this to be true?  Well, I need not look any further than the stats for SIGNING FAMILIES.  My little ‘ole sign language instructional company melded with developmental psychology was a  regional business until I learned about Shara and MOMMY PERKS.  Fast forward three years later and Shara has helped promote my company to another league- international connections and sales. She is that good! And my cup runneth over with happiness that I “met” my guru thanks to FACEBOOK!  (You can “LIKE” MOMMY PERKS on FACEBOOK  and follow her on TWITTER, too!)

Second, meet two extraordinary ladies who are like peanut butter and jelly – perfect together.  Britt Michaelian and Dabney Porte both have merged their collective efforts to form Social Media Girlfriends.  Britt, who also is a founding member of 411 VOICES, is no stranger to working in media with helping women start, grow and promote their businesses, with style.  Her personal brand is  Work Smart Lifestyle and her “How to… ” videos are exceptional.

Dabney is someone who I “fell over” while tip – toeing through TWITTER.  She has such a dynamic presence that it is hard not to follow her missives.  She is an expert at getting people motivated and helping others through her social media genius.  Her KIDS ARE HEROES  affiliation, helps to make an excellent example of what is GREAT about social media.  I am hoping that Britt and Dabney continue in their venture to show others how social media can help empower women and improve lives of those who are struggling.

In a nutshell, Social Media Girlfriends  has been described by this dynamic duo as follows.. “Our mission is to bring brilliance together on a global level where women can support, encourage and establish fabulous relationships!”

 WOW- I can’t wait to see what transpires with those who join the TWITTER #SMGirlfriends Hastag.

Lastly,  I would be remiss in not mentioning ALL of the amazing women from 411 VOICES who work tirelessly at giving back to the world far more than they receive.  For the purpose of this particular blog I will focus on  the 411 VOICES SPEAKERS ALLIANCE.  This collective of experts, including Britt and Shara, know how to help the budding entrepreneur or work at home mom maximize their potential.  I have listed them here so you can easily access their wisdom to help YOU!  Collectively you can find 411 VOICES on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Kristin Andress – This author and very successful entrepreneur is another PR sensation.  She has the eyes, ears and trust of many top executives, including Stedman Graham.  Kristin also is known for her work with helping young women at risk. Follow Kristin on FACEBOOK.

Sharon Davis 2 WORK AT HOME.  Need a job? Want to work from home?  Wish to start a home based business?  Sharon is your gal!  Sharon has dedicated much of 2011 to helping her friends in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Follow Sharon on FACEBOOK

When it comes to philanthropy and helping to empower young women, 411 VOICES has several amazing stand-outs, including- Margaret McSweeney and Maimah Karmo. Both who know from first hand experience the true need to help young women negotiate through life’s toughest problems.  Follow Margaret and Maimah on FACEBOOK. 

Astrid Stromberg – Offers exceptional online personal coaching with a twist – she is a psychic medium! Her Blog Talk Radio series, BRILLIANT ESSENCE, is well received and listened by many! Catch her on the airwaves!  Follow Astrid on FACEBOOK.

And when you feel the need to reclaim and rejuvenate your business and personal “self”- look no further than Rachel Wright.  She is truly the Mother of Reinvention!  Follow Rachel of FACEBOOK.  

In closing, social media is a powerful force and I am pleased to see that mainstream media has taken notice of the thousands of women who spread their influence and wisdom across “cyberville”.

As always, thanks for reading…

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Mommy in Social Media!

  1. Louise,

    You are a true connector and you embody all that SM stands for…sharing, learning, growing, reaching further and higher, becoming better than you were before…through the magic of relationships. Yep, SM is all about relationship, and you, my friend, have that down to a science. Thanks for all YOU do for #411Voices. You are a dynamo and I am glad to call you friend. It’s thrilling to see what all of the #411Voices members are up to. I am always so impressed and humbled to be amongst you all. (Oh, and @MommyPerks was the FIRST person I met in SM, and the first person to post a comment on my blog when I first started. I shall never forget her kindness. She is larger than life!) Each of our #411Voices experts brings such unique talents to the table. It amazes me!

    Wendy =)

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