One Child Helping Another- a True Act of Friendship

Jaylen, his sister and me - meeting in Florida, December 2010. These kids are both amazing!

I have known Jaylen Arnold for more than a year. Each time I read his posts, watch his videos or see his tweets I have to remind myself that he is not even a teenager, but a young boy with multiple personal challenges who does not wallow in his own struggles, but chooses to help others. In fact he goes beyond measure to assist peers, such as in the case of his friend,  Carissa Bodner.

In the video below Jaylen eloquently appeals to his audience to help Carissa, who recently was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike. She has been in critical condition and has received multiple surgeries. Carissa, needs our help. Please watch and then consider contributing to  Jaylen’s campaign to lend a helping hand to his dear friend.

There are several ways to connect with Jaylen.


My company, SIGNING FAMILIES will be donating a generous portion of  proceeds from our product sales to Carissa throughout the fourth of July weekend. Perhaps you will do the same? Thank you.

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  1. Look for my order…. it won’t be much but I know a little bit helps. (and it’ll give you a chance to have my address again LOL)

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