Parenting the “Talent”

     I remember when our oldest child, Natasha, wanted to join the ranks of the acting world at the tender of age of three. She calmly approached my husband and myself and asked to find her a person to put her on television.  We asked her to wait until her Bat Mitzvah was completed.  Stupidly, we thought that would be the end of the discussion. That was until the day after her Bat Mizvah  when Natasha handed me a phone and politely said, “Find me an agent. You promised.”  And we did, eventually.

Yet, when the time arrived for us, the parents, to be part of the “acting world” we were totally unprepared. What did we know about getting an agent?  At first we went to all the crazy open calls you hear advertised on television and radio.  Yet, if I knew anything about this “biz of acting” it was that real agencies are selective and these open calls seemed to be non-exclusive.  So we passed.  Wise choice on our part.

Now fast forward.. it has been ten years since Natasha asked me to “make the call”.  She has grown as an actor and has gone from open calls in the Mid-Atlantic region to “by request auditions” in Hollywood.  We just had the pleasure to sit at the E Street Landmark theater in D.C. and watch her rock a performance in the new movie, Lebanon-Pa alongside Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis, and Rachel Kitson.

We have all learned a lot in ten years. And that is why as part of the 411Voices network I will be starting a monthly online radio show- PARENTING THE TALENT as part of the 411Voices series- Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL with Dara Blaker.  The goal is to bring experts to help other parents who have child actors, models, artists, athletes or musicians.  The debut show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st at 12:30 p.m EST.  If you are an “expert” please feel free to connect.  If you are a parent of the “talent” and want to share your story- would love to hear from you, too.  And don’t be surprised if Natasha joins me from time to time! You can follow her on IMDB and or her own website.

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