Can you hear me now? My radio voice is BACK!

I had so many questions when Natasha Sattler was first starting out in the acting world. Now it is my turn to help others!

It is with jumbo glee that I am returning to online radio this week with a new show – PARENTING THE TALENT!  Unlike my other shows, this one is dedicated to sharing information and resources when you are the parent of an aspiring actor, model, artist, musician or athlete.

My first guest will be Susan Ferris from Bohemia Group.  She and I will chat about the general Do’s and Don’ts when you are the parent of an actor.  (Answering questions such as, “What is the difference between a manager and agent? Does my child need a professional headshot?   When do you need to join a union, like SAG or AFTRA? We want to go to Hollywood during pilot season – HELP!)

Join Dara and I  this Tuesday, May 31st starting at 11 a.m. EST on the 411Voices network– Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL!

Here is the link to PARENTING THE TALENT (ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS of it ALL with Dara Blaker and Louise Sattler)

Want to call in your questions or ask them in the chat room? (619) 639-4656

And feel free to post your questions here on this blog’s comment section or here:

You can email me, too!


  Here is a list of ALL of our current shows and upcoming radio shows! All times are Eastern Standard Time!!

Monday– Coming Soon- the Educators Network- Information Station.  Hosts will be various education experts from our 411Voices collective!

Tuesday from 11-12:30  Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL! With Dara Blaker and ME!

 Wednesday1-2 pm  Small Business Matters with Shara Lawrence- Weiss from

Thursday  7-9 pm Be Psych’d with Astrid Stromberg from Brilliant Essence and Liysa Callsen of (Liysa will start the end of summer)

  Friday- TBA- Parenting with Marianne Russo, Lynne Kenney and Ann Dunnewold.   

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