Perimeter of Grocery Store = Expensive

I am writing this blog while I am in seclusion after undergoing Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Thyroid Cancer. To prepare for this step in I had to partake in a two-three week low iodine diet.  Now this doesn’t sound hard at first.  One may think that you only need to avoid salty foods. WRONG.  You need to avoid foods that may have iodine in any form. I will give the details below- but suffice to say that this diet means to shop the perimeter of the store.  Which is EXPENSIVE and made me revisit the argument as to why healthy foods are expensive and fattening foods are cheap?  And is there any wonder why we are a “fattening society”.

You see low iodine foods include fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  Organic is best. Items like nuts and nut butters must be without any additives- meaning all natural.  No red dyes or soy products either on the RAI diet. No dairy nor  breads that use eggs or iodized salt.  No eggs other than the whites. Say goodbye to alcoholic drinks. In reality- no fun.

On the plus side- I did learn how to cook a zillion healthy recipes with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegrette and organic vegetables from Trader Joe’s.  I also learned that matzo meal can be used year round and not only at Passover. I also discovered that my food bill almost doubled when I had to eat only from the “the perimeter” of the store.

So, here is the dilemma.  I know that eating all these healthy foods was good for me. Maybe even great. And taking out lots of artificial stuff from my diet, including dyes, also was a healthy step.  However, how are people on a tight budget suppose to help their own families eat healthier while trying to also avoid dyes (and possibly reduce behavioral problems according to some new studies).  How can we make the cost of spaghetti squash as cheap as boxed spaghetti ( I tried to buy a squash at a local grocery store last week.  It weighted over three pounds and would have cost me almost ten dollars)

I know there are no easy solutions. Gas prices, world-wide events and natural disasters all impact our economy and the price of goods and services.  But, I do wonder if there is SOME way to make the perimeter of the store a budget friendly and healthy option for all whether they are on the RAI diet for medical reasons or help their families to live healthier.

Your thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “Perimeter of Grocery Store = Expensive

  1. Hello my friend!

    I’m wishing you well through this process and know that my prayers are with you.

    I don’t have any solutions but I share your frustration. I’m trying to cut gluten out of our diet and trying to find alternatives are PRICEY. It’s beyond frustrating that healthy foods aren’t affordable. Someone has got to figure this out!

    P.S. — Happy B’day Wendy!!

  2. I totally agree with the fact that perimeter shopping is expensive. That has been a thorn in my side…especially as we try to help low-income families through many Head Start programs to eat healthier…eat fresh…increase fruit/veggie intake. Restricted budgets don’t lend themselves well to perimeter shopping. I hope someone has a solution!

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes! I’m so happy to get to share my day with the “Light It Up Blue” campaign for Autism Awareness.

    So honored to be a part of Voices 411, too!

    Wendy @Kidlutions =)

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