Well, it has been almost exactly three months since my neck was cut open by Top Doc to get rid of thyroid cancer (THYCA).  Since, that time I have managed to keep myself busy by tweeting like a “mad woman” about my Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign, filming PSAs, speaking at MacWorld, filming the Chronicles of EMS, baking loads of cookies for college kids, and much more…..  Alas… it is the time for what I hope is one of the final steps in ridding for “GOOD” this THYCA…the radioactive iodine treatment (RAI).

Now for those of you who don’t speak THYCA– this is a treatment that begins with a funky low-idoine diet and ends with you drinking some radioactive goop which is suppose to kill off any microscopic cancer cells in  my  body that Top Doc might have not seen during surgery.  All in all, it is suppose to be a much easier treatment then enduring chemo, which is not the plan for this type of cancer. (And my heart goes out to those who are undergoing chemo.)

So, I am nearly in week two of the RAI diet.  Which means if it is in a bag, can or restaurant I probably cannot eat it.  I can eat all the fruits and veggies I want.  Black coffee, no problem.  But….nothing chocolate! And.. No  dairy or breads-except for Matzo. And note the irony has not escaped me that this diet will end about the same time frame as Passover begins. This year I bought unsalted matzo- by the six-pack! OY VEY!!  I will say that I discovered some yummy fruit and nut bars by Larabar that are all organic with no other “stuff” –  They tasted so good I called the company twice to make sure I wasn’t cheating on the RAI diet..

After I get my RAI treatment I will be glowing… and in solitary confinement.  Don’t feel sorry for me. I have outfitted my “suite” with tons of kids toys like JENGA, PICK UP STICKS, jigsaw puzzles and added in to the room some fun trashy novels.  I also have every DVD and VHS in the house that was an award winner or has a brat packer in it!  Plus, twenty episodes of NCIS await me on the DVR.

But, here is the one draw back… I may not get to use my laptop or iphone….. If that happens know that I will have groovy hubby checking my “social media stuff” and passing me notes through the door…

Oh well… at least when I get to go back “online” I will be able to order chocolate and ice cream and a pizza and ……….

I conclude with a HUGE thanks to those of you who have been voting for SIGNING FAMILIES on the competition.  According to the “meter” we are almost HOT!!  Please continue to vote so we can help people to learn ASL and continue to build communication bridges one SIGN at a time!

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4 thoughts on “GEARING UP TO GLOW

  1. Best Wishes Louise….if you HAVE to be gone from us online for a time,know that we won’t forget you…you won’t be out of mind even if… you are out of sight!

    Hang in there (of course, we are hoping you don’t have to take an absence from us online because we can help keep you occupied during your temporary isolation). You know how we are! lol

  2. I’m feeling as if I should get some Matzo, too….just so I can support you in some SMALL way. Be well, my friend, be well!

    Also…I’ve decided today, that you should drop your last name…you know, Oprah style…and just be Louise. People will know you by that alone! I’m serious! That, or “The Louise” a la “The Donald”!

    Watcha think?

    I love how cancer never dampened your spirits. So..there, take that, cancer. ROARRRRRRRR!


  3. Hello, I hope that you do well with your treatments. I just recently had surgery to remove a tumor from my PARAthyroid and just found out today that my oldest daughter has the same thing and will be scheduling her surgery. I am very low on iron and the pills do not work, so I have had to have IV iron infusions.
    I really enjoy your site.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for sharing. I am sure that all of us wish you and your family well, speed recoveries and nothing but the best of health!! You will be in our prayers.


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