Baby Stay Asleep- A GIFT for Babies and Parents!

Do you know someone who has an infant that is suffering from chronic stomach upset, such as GERD/ Reflux?  I was one of those parents who had a premature baby that was up night after night because of reflux.  This was many years ago and we survived – BUT- our lives would have been so much BETTER had the BABY STAY ASLEEP been invented!  This   infant positioner was safety tested to CPSIA of 2008 standards and invented out of necessity by occupational therapist and mom, Beth Jackson-Gagne.  She designed BABY STAY ASLEEP when her own son suffered from chronic GERD.  After trying several different designs she had an “ah-ha” moment and made one which kept her son in place and comfortable … ALL NIGHT LONG!

Beth, who works with children with a variety sensory needs, has been marketing her genius invention within the education, OT and new parent “circut”.  She made sure that her product was both safe and affordable for families.  You can give your baby comfort and the gift of sleep for under $100- which includes shipping and handling.  PLUS- there is a money back guarantee.

Connect with Beth on TWITTER as @BabyStayAsleep and on Facebook here:

Find out about how Beth encourages kids to cook, too:

Here is the EduCast (also available on itunes):

2 thoughts on “Baby Stay Asleep- A GIFT for Babies and Parents!

  1. Nice! Beth is such a neat person. I love both of her products – the Baby Stay Asleep and her special needs cook books. Wonderful ideas; unique and helpful.

    Thanks for featuring Beth!

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