How Does if Feel to Live with Autism?

I have longed been fascinated by people who have Autism, Aspergers or are somewhere on the “Specturm” (ASD).  I first became interested in Autism when I was given the book,  DIBS- In Search of Self,  by my late cousin, Laura Silverman. She introduced DIBS to me back in the early 1970s and to this day I give her the credit as to why I became a psychologist and devoted my career/ life to working with children with learning challenges.  I often have wondered what it is like within the mind and body of a child with Autism? Recently, I received this YouTube video (thank you Jenny Meloni from the Friendship Puzzle for sending it to me).  Now many people can learn from one individuals perspective what it is like to live as a person with Autism.

For a list of resources, please read below the video.

Want to learn more about Autism, Asperger’s or “The Spectrum?”  Check out some of my favorite websites and resources:

Our Journey Thru Autism I write for OJTA as a communication specialist (that is the disclaimer).  However, this site is chocked full of content.  Much of it is written for parents, by parents to support each other.

Spirit of Autism Debi Taylor is a mom with a child with Autism.  She also is involved with Emergency Medical Services.  Her information guide for EMS is second to none when it comes to helping kids with autism during a disaster.

The Friendship Puzzle. Lifelong friends help each other when one has TWO children with autism.  The book of the same title is endorsed by Dr. Rebecca Landa from the Kennedy – Krieger Institute and the IAN PROJECT

The IAN PROJECT – a research project looking for genetic links to Autism through Johns Hopkins Hospital / Kennedy- Krieger Institute

Kyle’s Treehouse Created by a mom to help others and also keep people informed of up to the date research A warehouse of information, including about Autism.  Ask a question at their JustAsk site, too

The Autism News / ZacBrowser One site for adults, the other for children.  This is a multi-lingual site with information in Spanish and French, too. ZacBrowser is a sensory friendly program for children on the spectrum.  Access ZacBrowser through The Autism News

Autism Speaks This is the “grand-daddy” of all autism sites.   VERY comprehensive.

HollyRodFoundation (Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete sponsor this website)  Actress Holly Robinson- Peete (now host of THE TALK) and former NFL star Rodney Peete have several children.  Rodney Jr. has autism.  They have pooled their amazing knowledge and resources to help with the financial burden that autism can sometimes bring upon a family.  They also support efforts for Parkinson’s, too.

The Coffee Klatch. There are many online “chat” sessions with parents within the special education community.  This one has my two thumbs up as being one of the best.  You can access their group in a variety of ways.   Twitter: Hashtag #TCK   or  @TheCoffeeKlatch (TCK has many sessions per week that are open to anyone who wants to join.  Find them on Twitter as #TCK)

Website for The Coffee Klatch is and to find TCK on radio click here: TCKRadio  National Association for School Psychologists This site will help you to negotiate the educational process when you have a child with special learning challenges. Go to the Parent Resource Link for information that is open to all without NASP membership. This website helps parents with children who have exceptional needs, including Autism.

DIBS , In Search of Self by Virginia Axline. Available on

Stress Free KidsLori Lite has created CDs and programs to help children and adults reduce their stress.  The music is very calming and sensory friendly.  Includes bedtime music to help with evening stress. Winner of Shark Tank, too.

This article is dedicated to my late cousin, Laura Leopold Silverman.   May her memory be a blessing.

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