How Lowe’s Can Help Your Child to LEARN and be SAFE!

Kids love to tinker!  Hands on activities are necessary and vital to the educational development of children.  When kids can see, feel and be interactive with an activity they tend to learn and remember better than when simply passive learners.  This concept can be applied to learning readiness skills, such as math all the way to learning social skills- which include ways to stay safe and out of harms way!

As an educator, I must admit that I was impressed with Lowe’s Build and Grow workshops and products geared for kid sized fingers! Children can learn about safety within their homes and schools in addition to basic educational principles, such as measurement and shapes.

I received by Lowe’s a cool Build and Grow series to check out. First I noticed a very generous sized pair of googles to wear as protective eye wear.  I know first hand that children can have corneal abrasions from rubbing foreign objects that “flew” in to their eyes!  Also, having these googles is starting young children to adopt habits about safety being primary when working on projects.

I also played with the adorable Build and Grow Fire Truck construction kit.  I really thought that Lowe’s must be doing their homework as September is Disaster Preparation month with Fire and Rescue services providing open houses, too!  I love that Lowe’s was really thinking and planning in tandem so that children know from several sources that they need to be safe in their homes and to look out for hidden dangers!

Lowe’s definitely gets an enthusiastic TWO THUMBS UP from this educator!

**Want to have fun and PARTY!  Well, let’s say you can TWEET with TWEEPS to help promote children being safe!  Here is the info:

When: Thursday, September 23rd, from 8:00P to 9:00PM EST

Where: #Lowes4Safety tag on Twitter
How: Follow hostess @SafetyMom and tweet with the party tag

ALSO….Check out Lowe’s Build and Grow workshops biweekly on Saturday morning.  Call your local Lowe’s to see times that they begin in your area.  Also you can check them out at

The fun continues on September 25th which is the National Lowe’s Safety Build and Grow workshop in one of their stores throughout CANADA and the UNITED STATES!  Big kids and little kids are invited to attend.  Snap some photos and post, too if you wish!

Louise Sattler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, owner of Signing Families and sought after guest speaker.  She is the host of the new radio program on HerInsight Media Network-  The Louise Sattler Show- Where Learning Meets Laughter! Starting Fall 2010 on

Look for her on, Our Journey Thru Autism and many more national blogs!

6 thoughts on “How Lowe’s Can Help Your Child to LEARN and be SAFE!

  1. The Safety Saturday events and Build and Grow clinics are at every Lowes stores next Saturday from 10A – 2P. Nice to have a fun and FREE activity to do with your kids that also helps them learn about safety!

  2. Louise,
    I always trust your input. I will definitely check out this event. I agree, we learn so much by becoming active learners…with our kids! Well done!

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