Let’s Learn some ASL signs for SUMMER VACATION and MORE!

Hello Everyone!

It has been crazy here in the Sattler household.  Summertime always means a bit of unscheduled free time which is fun, but a bit tricky as I work out of a home office.  Yet, I have “employed” the son to help out during the summer, so don’t be surprised if you read a blog penned by him sometime soon!

I wanted to update you on a number of great happenings. Let us first revisit some of our former guests.

Alison Rhodes, The SAFETY MOM, will be hitting the road with five kids in tow to go visit Hershey Park and all the great sites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Read about her trip here on her super blog: http://thesafetymom.wordpress.com/

Candi Wingate from Nannies4Hire.com and Care4Hire.com sent me lots of updates!  Her update is here :  Candi’s update! http://wp.me/PSDlj-68

Traci Bisson also contacted me to tell us of great stuff that is happening with her Mom Entrepreneur Group.  Check it out!

www.supportgroup.themomentrepreneur.com The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group offers tips, advice and resources for balancing motherhood and running a company. Join for free to network and promote your business!

Annie Fox (www.AnnieFox.com) has started a very important program– Cruel is NOT Cool! This anti-bullying campaign is unfortunately needed all over the country.  She has inspired me to “hop on board” and I hope others will, too!

Shara Lawrence-Weiss has begun a new website that is for KIDS!  www.KidsPerks.com is full of  activities for kids to participate in safely and free!  Go to www.kidperks.com and check it out yourself!

More updates to follow in future blog posts!

Next, I finished the first ASL lesson for Summertime signs.  Here it is off of YouTube:

NEXT: Had a great show today about going GREEK on a college campus!  What are the POSITIVE aspects of being in a sorority or fraternity, I asked?  I was fortunate to have as one of my guests today, Nicki Meneley from the National Panhellenic Conference (http://www.thesororitylife.com ).  We chatted about some very interesting aspects and facts regarding GREEK life.  For example, more than 26 sororities exist in the US with thousands of chapters all over the country.  The deepest concentration, due to population is EAST of the Mississippi River, California and Arizona.  Greek life includes many famous names including – First Lady Laura Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Katie Couric and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  ALL the sororities in the US and Canada have a philanthropic arm to their organizations. (Personally, this is one of my fave facts!)

I was then joined by Robin Rettstattt O’Hearn and Carmen Sancez Wright.  Together we discussed our experiences as members/ sisters  at the U of Delaware – Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority.  We recalled all of the fun (and safe) activities that we participated in, including being the winners of the GREEK GAMES!! (How many people can you stuff in to a VW Bug??)

Fast forward and Carmen and Robin both now work full time for organizations that require leadership, creativity and thinking “out of the box”.  We all agreed that many skills needed in the work world were honed during our sorority days.  And Carmen was quick to add that she was not surprised that my gift to “gab” would translate in to becoming a talk show host!  Many of us recently got together to reunite after twenty plus years.  Here is a photo of that fun day in cold January!

On another note: I am looking for a few more people who want to call in to answer the burning question ” Who would you invite to dinner with you from history or current times?”  This will be the topic of my Learning and Laughter with Louise show on Wed, June 16th.  Feel free to comment here who would be joining you.   Here is some indication of who I picked :

GUESS WHAT!   We have had a lot of changes with our Signing Families™ company.  The first set of changes is that Hilary Bilbrey,  Alison Rhodes and myself are teaming together to offer safety products and services for organizations worldwide.  If you know of anyone who you feel would benefit from my Sign Language for Emergency Situations materials, Hilary’s Brecker Bunny Lesson books about fire and burn safety or Alison’s safety consultations please let us know.  Our audience we believe are  rescuers, educators,  healthcare education specialists, trauma team members. Please feel free to give my email to those you feel could benefit from learning about us : Louise@SigningFamilies.com

Our website now has two new LINKS to help large groups obtain our services and products.  The ORGANIZATIONS and EDUCATORS links have been added.  Our Educators link includes deep discounts for schools,  homeschool family and other organizations that provided educational services.

The ORGANIZATION link is generic and for large orders.  This would be where groups serving the special education community, scouts, or places of worship would like to go.

Lastly, this week is my hubby, Marc’s Birthday and the start of the WORLD CUP SOCCER GAMES (Futbol!!) http://www.fifa.com/ I need to tell you that the best gift I could give my hubby is for him to spend a day inside lying on the couch with a plate full of nachos, some beer and our HD TV playing the World Cup games ALL DAY!  WE ARE SERIOUS SOCCER FANS!  Make no mistake we have the books, charts of the teams to follow all the games, eliminations and players.  We will be only a few of what has been cited as “Tens of Billions” of people watching these games. More than the Olympics.  More than the Super Bowl (way more, actually).  More than the wedding of  Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  We are talking the Grand daddy of all televised events.  Don’t bother to call our house.  We will be too busy glued to the TV set.  Although there is ONE exception- hubby had only one request for his big day – a burger from FIVE GUYS .  DONE!!  So, if you are looking for me on Sunday I will be either watching the WC with the family or on line at FIVE GUYS!!   Enjoy the photos below (one of Seth and I playing Tourist in our own “backyard” this week – Washington DC)

The Birthday "Man" with Seth getting ready for graduation two weeks ago!

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