Helping Others Through a Great Idea- by Dina Bruun (guest blogger)

I have invited Dina Bruun to be my guest blogger today so she can help others with her idea that she submitted for the  Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign.  To read more and vote for Dina’s idea here is the link:

My mother used to say I was destined to save the world, and I believe, at the time, she added that I was doing it one boyfriend at a time.  (Yup, real winners – hey . . .  I did my best).

I am not so sure saving the world is quite within my reach, but attempting to solve a problem here and there may be worth a try.  The problem I decided to tackle was the blood supply shortage. It didn’t make sense to me that we should have a shortage, so I thought this was a good problem to try and fix. After all, when blood drives are held, blood is donated (and lives are saved).  So if you want more donations, hold more blood drives.  My idea: Create an organization which will increase the number of blood drives throughout the country.

I know I have pretty much sealed my fate with this one, by making sure I will never have a Lifetime movie made about me, since that was the entire story of how I came up with the idea.

So, here’s a bit of a twist (I should get at least a few creativity points). . .  I decided to focus on college kids.

When I was a freshman in college, a blood drive was held at my school.  It had a “MASH” theme (ok, for those much younger than me – an “army” theme).  I still remember it, the entire room was transformed, there were even videos of the TV. show to watch while you were resting, drinking your o.j. and eating your cookie. But the most memorable part, the crowning detail, was . . .  camouflage band aids!  Proof positive college students are the way to go –

And here is where the “Blood Drive Teams of America” idea begins to solidify.

This national organization will provide a steady and sustainable increase in the nation’s blood supply by organizing college chapters (Blood Drive Teams) throughout the country that are required to host at least three local blood drives a year. The chapters will be combined into regions which will provide various incentives, recognitions and contests.

So, even though its inception isn’t that inspiring, the “Blood Drive Teams of America” organization (unlike the losers I tried to save when I was a teenager), has potential to do great things and worth all the time I can devote to it to help it become a success.  Here’s to helping the world one idea at a time!

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