3 thoughts on “Learning and Laughter with Louise Show NEWS! VLOG with Voice

  1. Is this the place, to try and get the MY DEAF FAMILY on TV and TLC If so, IM all for it, a good show, for me to practice my signs, no one to sign too, so anyway, Please PUT THIS show on TV, IT s so worth, it,

    1. Hi and THANK YOU for finding me BLOG- please go to TLC and write to them on their website. Also, you can visit FACEBOOK for the fan page titled, “MY DEAF FAMILY!”

      Thanks for connecting. Please feel free to join this blog for our updates. I am getting ready to upload my newest VLOG which is my interview about MY DEAF FAMILY with Facebook rep Sandy Lydgren!

  2. Louise, this was beautifully done. I am so honored to have been your guest and even more honored to call you friend! You are so incredibly generous and giving. It is a privilege to be on this wild ride with you!

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