May 12th with Sandy Lygren- My Deaf Family!

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May 12th show! PART I, Part 2 with Alison Rhodes’ interview to post soon, stay tuned!

Hello Everyone!  We started this weeks show with announcements about a new project from Marlee Matlin- MY DEAF FAMILY! In my opinion, this is a seminole show that is being proposed to be on mainstream television- such as TLC, Discovery or other main networks. (unfortunately, at the time of this (V)Log TLC declined the show)

Why do I feel it is important to be included on network TV? First and foremost – the concept is compelling and honest.  This is a show about deaf families and how they are like hearing families- the good, bad and the ugly- as they say!  It is also important to widen the understanding of the hearing community as to how deaf individuals and families function – which is “normal”.  As the famous past president of Gallaudet University, I King Jordan,  once said,  “Deaf people can do anything….except hear”.

I also believe that MY DEAF FAMILY has potential to have a high educational impact due to the families being featured as using ASL and English, thus being bilingual and perhaps bicultural!  ASL is the fourth most common language in the US.  Also, most deaf parents give birth to hearing children, thus the chances of a family comprised of both deaf and hearing members 90% according to conventional research.  To assist with the overall understanding of how bilingual-bicultural families, who happen to be deaf and hearing live their lives, is for many a compelling story and worthy of a try on television.

I applaud Marlee Matlin and Sandy Lygren (from Bristol College in MA) for their efforts.  Sandy joined my show this week and explained her reasons for why MY DEAF FAMILY should be on network television.  I have signed the interview ( or as much as YouTube would allow before they shut me off!).  This video is both signed with audio from the podcast playing simultaneously.

For more information about Sandy’s efforts to have people support My Deaf Family visit her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE  –

To watch the pilot on YouTube see the entry below my VLOG or go here:

Now for my video blog interview with Sandy:

One thought on “May 12th with Sandy Lygren- My Deaf Family!

  1. I knew marlee cux we were the exclassmates in river trials high jr and hersey(shorty time to transfer to st johns) harper comm. College in 1984…she’s cool and loves to help to others a lot …I watched the program was cool but im not good for sign lan for asl im so sorry I didn’t proud for that impress to the hearing world to understand what’s look alike for deaf families lives to show them that they can do it! Don’t be pity to them too…I applauded to marlee and program is great!!! Smiley 😉

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