Thank you, Jackie Z.

Jackie Zeman was a shining light. You couldn’t help but notice her when she came into a room. Sadly, the world gained her as an angel this past week. And, I am so thankful that our paths crossed.

I first learned about Jacklyn Zeman when she appeared in General Hospital (GH) as the popular character, Bobbie Spencer. This show was my “guilty pleasure” – faithfully watching it throughout high school and college. I loved her as “Bobbie”. She was feisty, fun, and a “ginger” – and you know- “gingers unite”!

As my life became too busy to watch “the soaps”, I would try to stay abreast of GH news by reading online stories or skimming the Soap Digest I bought at the local grocery store. But, then a funny twist of fate happened just a few years ago- I walked into a friend’s private event and literally found myself seated next to Jackie. We immediately hit it off! We talked about a variety of topics, including fashion and the reason we were there- to celebrate our friend Margaret McSweeney of Kitchen Chat TV and the recipient of special recognition at the March 2020 Taste Awards. And of course, there was a fair amount of chatting and showing of photos throughout the night of her family – she was a very proud grandmother.

I recall this event vividly as it was the last one I attended before the Covid pandemic put a lock on all of our lives. Jackie was one of the last people I saw before we were all “housebound.”

After the pandemic restrictions lifted, Jackie and I met up again – this time at the pre-event party for the 2022 Indie Series Awards. She had been starring in THE BAY – a show produced by Kira Reed Lorsch – a friend we both had in common. I was definitely the outsider – but was so honored and thankful that Jackie and Kira made me feel so comfortable at the party and introduced me to many others there. The night was full of laughter and a very messy pizza. In fact, the pizza became a bit of a running joke.

The last time I saw Jackie was at the Indie Series Awards 12th ceremony – in April of 2022. Sadly, in all the time we were together I never stopped to snap a “selfie” of us together. But, a few candids did make my camera roll. I love this one of Jackie who was simply engaged in great conversation with friends.

Life is made up of little moments. Snapshots in time. And if you are lucky- it will be filled with people who are clever, full of humor, and make you feel that you matter. Jackie was that person.

Jackie, I didn’t know you well – but I am so happy that our paths crossed and we shared some memorable moments. You were fun, funny, and kind. And you will be missed by many.

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