All About Traveling – Differently!


I love to travel and believe that each time I pack my bags it is to undertake an adventure where I will learn a little bit more about the world. I want to share my experiences, but also offer recommendations and resources for families and individuals with unique challenges to be able to travel – successfully and  with accessibility.  That is why I titled this portion of my website:  All About Traveling- Differently and Uniquely!!

When you travel you are literally transported to another place or perhaps even a culture.  You open yourself up to experience life lessons beyond your comfort zone.

 Join me with my travels through my blog and photos. And know, that I recognize that traveling with a child or family member who has developmental, physical or learning differences can be tricky. That is why I amassed  a resource list to address those needs.

♥If you have resources for traveling differently – please contact Louise here.



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