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Verified Purchasers’s of the now “out of stock”   Baby Toddler and Preschool Sign Language video had this to say about the adult / older children instructional video:


on September 14, 2009

Format: DVD


No matter what age you are, learning Sign Language is a gift that will keep on giving. Whether you have a special needs child, work with them or simply want to enhance your skills and education, this DVD is user friendly and cost effective that everyone should take advantage of opportunity to broaden your knowledge. I actually learned to Sign in Elementary School! It was part of our class subjects way back when, although I don’t remember all of it, I can still Sign A-Z – however with this new DVD, I can quickly pick it up again. The bilingual aspect is an added bonus!

Very educational, just not what I was expecting. I was hoping the DVD had more child involvement/interaction but it is geared more toward teaching adults how to sign and then using what is learned to teach your child, which still useful!


The instructor on this DVD explained why the signs are as they are. My 3 year old Grandson is learning coordination with his fingers and can do many of the signs already and we have only just gotten the DVD. We love it!!


5.0 out of 5 starsgood

on December 25, 2011

Format: DVD|Verified Purchase

This was a good purchase. I gave the video as a gift for new parents, one is a doctor and the other a scientist. They are looking forward to sharing with their little guy when he is older.




on March 6, 2010
Babies and Toddlers are amazing…they communicate even before they can speak. They know how to connect with those around them…but often, adults don’t clearly understand what the child is trying to communicate. This product will help with building great two way communication that will improve and strengthen the relationship between adult and child. Louise Sattler has done an awesome job with this product Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language. I interviewed her quite some time ago and found her to not only be knowledgable but very engaging.