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Which blog posts were the most popular and favorite of 2015?

Today a question by a blogger was posed on WORDPRESS“What was your favorite post that you wrote in 2015?”  That is a tricky question.  The posts I enjoyed writing or felt had the most “impact” were within the “social good or philanthropy”.  But, interestingly the post that had the most direct readership (from WordPress directly vs. a “third party”) was a fashion blog – a topic I rarely discuss.

So – which blogs made the list with readers and which were my favorites here on Where Learning Meets Laughter? 


Most popular:  A Perfect Fit Every Time – Meet Fitlogic! #Giveaway

Lesson learned here:  a giveaway helps a blog to be read



Close “runner- ups”: 

Multiethnic Arms Raised Holding ADHD

A Letter to Teachers with Students who have ADD/ ADHD also was very well received.  (and similar blogs about learning disabilities were nearly as popular.) I also must admit these blogs were on my “favorite” list, too!



Dear Burlington Times was written in March 2015 as a response to a published letter to the editor titled: “Signing Specialists are a Distraction”, by  a Mr. Muccolini. Apparently their reader had taken issue with sign language interpreters who help convey information during public and media events, but “distract” hearing people.  (Sigh) After Mr. Mussolini authored his letter to the editor my Signing Families inbox was beyond full with requests to “do something” – so I did.

My response was passionate and very well received.  Sadly, Mr. Mussolini or the paper issued a response to my letter to the editor. At least I had the gumption to “do something” – social good triumphed!


YouTubers with hearts of gold and mad social media skills!

When you get to spend time at a Vanity Fair event with iJustine, Tyler Oakley and Joey Garceffa it is a day like no other! These YouTube sensations taught me a lot about social media from the eyes of millennials.  Have to admit I bow with respect to all as they are accomplished authors on top of having loyal fans and profitable YouTube channels.  It was a pleasure to meet them during OSCARS 2015 (actually, I had met Justine prior, but we didn’t have a chance to really connect until last February.) Here is my blog about this fun and funny experience! 



When I get an opportunity to promote a #SocialGood cause or company that is dedicated to helping others, it makes my heart sing. Here is a list of many of the social good blogs I penned from 2015.  Please take a minute to get to know  these fabulous people dedicated to helping others in our communities and worldwide.

#SocialGood blogs


Thanks for reading any or all of my random musings on WHERE LEARNING MEETS LAUGHTER!

And, please share with me your favorite blog posts (here or elsewhere!)






STOP! I got Freedome and 241 hackers didn’t get my private info via my iPhone! (Plus a #Giveaway)

This winner to this Giveaway has been announced and awarded. Thank you for your interest.

~Louise Sattler March 5, 2015

Earlier this week I wrote a blog that introduced  FREEDOME – a new technology by F-SECURE that uses VPN to stop hackers and phishing on your mobile devices.  I installed it earlier this week and five days later I am shocked to learn that 241 tracking attempts on my iPhone have been blocked. (See the slideshow below for snapshots of what a tracking “window” looks like on this app) I am duly impressed with this app and that is why I agreed to hold a sponsored giveaway contest to encourage my readers to at least look in to FREEDOME and see if you too would like some extra layers of online security.

 F-Secure is offering an opportunity for me to hold a giveaway of a iPAD MINI 3 and one year of a FREEDOME subscription

HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY THAT MAKES YOU ELIGIBLE! STEP 1: Simply go to my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK page and comment about FREEDOME and/or online security concerns you may have. STEP 2: Then go to TWITTER and FOLLOW @FreedomeVPN WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW? If you wish watch the video in #ASL for further instructions You must live in the United States to enter this giveaway. One person will be selected after the contest ends on March 5, 2015 at 9pm PACIFIC time. The iPad Mini 3 and Freedome subscription will arrive via F-Secure. No family members may apply (sorry Mom!) AND… You can get started now by getting your FREE TRIAL by simply clicking here and using this PROMO CODE:  qsf257  Read more about my experience with FREEDOME, how to access the F-Secure videos that explain the technology and much more here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for change… Meet the #411Voices Influential Network

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.37.15 PM

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME  –   I would like to proudly introduce to you the new look and name for what has been known since 2011 as 411 Voices:

411 Voices Influential Network


Recently, I have met many wonderful people via networking opportunities who ask me, “What is 411 Voices“?  They often are intrigued by the concept of nearly two dozen women, who are experts in their own professions, coming together to provide a large menu of services – ranging from consultative to philanthropic.   So, without further ado here is an “explanation” about our cadre of women experts-

Our cohesive team hails from across the globe and is comprised of professionals with diverse areas of expertise.  For starters we offer media marketing services including strategic planning (digital and traditional) and web development.  We are seasoned social media contributors, influencers and brand ambassadors who have  #SocialTV experience and”know – how”.  Our videos, books, articles and blogs are often hailed by others as “top- notch”!  We have a heart for philanthropy and support several endeavors that help causes from education to support for victims of domestic violence or cancer.

You never know where you will see one of us! From CNN, to Shark Tank to even national culinary events!  We even appear on the red carpet! This year many on our team will be present at the Vanity Fair social media week for the Academy Awards.

Meet  our experts 

Plus, together we are considered premium “think – tank” expert consultants who have offered their assistance to companies and organizations of various sizes. We work together – sans drama- to offer what is best for the client.

As part of our continued efforts to stay contemporary, we enlisted our resident animator, Dara Blaker, to  create our new  informational welcome video  that shows we also have a sense of humor!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, too!

Coming soon – “In the spotlight” – a series for you to get to know some of the most creative people using social media to bring exciting content to YOU! 

Will you accept the ASL CHALLENGE?

Starting tomorrow, October 1st,  I will be hosting a 31 days, 31 ASL CHALLENGE on  YouTube.     It is my goal to teach people FREE how to communicate using basic sign language.   The signs will be geared for daily living and school terminology with a sprinkle of signs in the event of a disaster or medical emergency.  Sign language has traditionally been considered only used within the Deaf community. However, more and more children and adults with Autism and Down Syndrome are now learning sign for communication, too!  So many reason to learn!

Where to start?

First, set aside up to five minutes a day to learn some basic sign language and practice! If you subscribe to my Youtube channel you will receive reminders every time a new video is uploaded.  Secondly, if you are so inclined, please share these one minute videos with others. And lastly,  enjoy the journey of learning this visual language.

Learn more on FACEBOOK, SIGNING FAMILIES and of course, on my TWITTER stream.



Honoring our Veterans – Part 2

Earlier this week I posted a pictorial blog of our recent trip to the monuments in Washington DC.  Most of the memorials we visited were  tributes to those who have served in combat.

After posting this blog I recalled that I had caught a group of World War II veterans on an honor flight to commemorate Veteran’s Day  at the World War II Memorial.  I happened upon this group in November of 2010  arriving at BWI airport when I was awaiting a departing flight at the same gate.

I know the footage is shaky and also not professional.  But, this is what happens when organic moments are caught on simple FlipCams!

There are many more videos, like this one, on YouTube.  Simply use the search words – Veterans returning home

Feel free to post links as comments to your “coming home” videos.  And as always, respectful comments welcome.


AH AH … some things are best left unexplained

Sometimes children will latch on to a favorite toy or stuffed animal.  This item will help alleviate concern with doctor’s visits, be instrumental in going to sleep and provide hours of entertainment.  A psychologist may call this a “transition object”.  I am a Psychologist and call if a “lovey”.  Our daughter had, ABU- a very worn but much loved Mickey Mouse. Our son had “BIG BEAR” – who by the way lived up to his name and was huge!  The little boy in the video below had AH AH – his stuffed blue monkey.

This story will demonstrate that there are so many things in life that are often unexplainable, but meant to be.  Enjoy the video.  Many have  (over 400 thousand to date)… but, be warned.. Kleenex needed!


Madelyn and Jake, two of our SIGNING FAMILIES KIDS

This year I made a new holiday sign language video with the help of some really awesome kids! Feel free to check out Madelyn, Jake, Samantha and many more in our Just for Kids Holiday Signs Video. (See below or click on the link to go directly to YouTube)

Almost daily I post sign language instructional resources and information to help those in the special needs communities on my  SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK page.  

Want to make a New Years Resolution to Learn SIGN LANGUAGE? Check out our new online courses on the SIGNING FAMILIES website and tons of links to help you on your way!


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