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A Visit to One of the Last Remaining Blockbuster Stores

Update: Sadly after I ran this article the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska announced they were closing.

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Original Article

This month my family ventured to the Pacific Northwest. We watched whales frolic and feed, walked glaciers and even explored villages and remote areas both by land and sea.  But, it was a little store in Anchorage that was deemed the “highlight” of our 12 – day excursion.  Yes, apparently one can relive their childhood by simply walking through the doors of one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska.

This Blockbuster store is under the management of Kevin Daymude.  “Blockbuster” as a corporation is long gone, due to the change of the video landscape.  Replaced by streaming services, such as Netflix, the demand for video and gaming rentals has dwindled to nearly “zip”.  However, in this part of the world, Blockbuster still holds relevance.  New and “antique” videos and games adorn the shelves and there is the requisite aisle of theater sized boxed candies. You can purchase older videos for under a dollar and don’t forget the popcorn and cotton candy!  The only “addition” to the Blockbuster of 20 years ago was a prominent display of movie memorabilia in the very front of the store, including some “goods” obtained from actor, Russell Crowe.


There is a very interesting story about how Blockbuster of Anchorage and Kevin Daymude received Russell Crowe’s items from the actor’s “ART OF DIVORCE SALE”.  It would appear that the items were received via an intermediary who acted as a conduit for this Blockbuster store to receive these “treasures of cinematic history”.  Among the memorabilia were two director chairs from the movie American Gangster that were used and embroidered with the actors’ names – Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Plus, there was from Russell Crowe’s collection a  “jockstrap” that was placed in the display (and reportedly cost 7K!)

Who was the buyer of all these “artifacts” and what was the backstory? Well,  the person who purchased many of Crowe’s items would be none other than HBO talk show host, John Oliver. The reason why… well that is a whole other story. Let’s start with Oliver’s announcement via  Twitter from April 2018.


 And the reason why John Oliver bought these items?  I’ll let Time Magazine explain the “details” in THIS article.  


Why is this store still open while the vast majority have closed?  I had an opportunity to chat with Kevin  about the remaining Blockbuster stores in Alaska (and one in Oregon) and get more insight.   (There are two videos for easier uploading.)







Lastly, if you do visit the DeBarr Rd. location of Blockbuster know that there are shirts and pullovers available for purchase.  My entire family bought one – how could we not!?! Plus, we walked out with a handful of those repurposed DVDs for 99 cents each!


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NEW on my shelf and in my KINDLE… ah.. random joys…

 Summer is a great time to curl up poolside with a book or magazine.  Here is what is sitting on my summer reading bookshelf  this month.  Note to readers- the list is as random as the writer!


          by Rallie McAllister, MD and Jennifer Bright Reich. (Available Amazon. Twitter as @MommyMdGuides)

I had NO IDEA what to expect when this book arrived.  I was approached by the authors who thought that my blog may be a great fit for a review.  I had a preconceived notion that  it would be a traditional parenting guide with some step by step directions of how to care for your baby.  Color me WRONG!

This book is clever, unique and educational. Written with the input from the personal experiences of  dozens of  physicians and other medical professionals, all who write about their own personal journeys into parenthood.  These vignettes are then juxtaposed with sound advice on topics ranging from breastfeeding to developmental milestones.  The Psychologist in me  LOVED THIS BOOK!  In fact, it is now on my list of books to give as a baby gift for rookie parents and suggest for early intervention programs to place in to their infant-toddler lending libraries.  Wonderfully written. Easy to read.  A++ . Bravo!


New Magazine for the Ricki Lake Show- airing September  10th. Photo property of Ricki Lake Show magazine.

  I think it really is awesome that there is a community of people from all over the world who have one common link this year  –  They are Friends of Ricki – a group based on social media bonding!  Banded together as fans of the timeless and quirky actress, Ricki Lake (who I LOVED in HAIRSPRAY ). Her social network groups are genius. Her magazine is engaging.  Her book is a must read.   Frankly, it is so raw and honest you almost feel guilty for reading it!

Ricki– I love all  of the energy your team has built  from your groups to your magazine. And, I can’t wait to see you back on the air starting September 10th!


LITTLE GREEN by Arnold Rudnick is the second book I have reviewed for this author. This preschool – early elementary level book is based on the concept that one should accept themselves for who they are, including their limitations.  Beautifully illustrated it is a good conversation starter for parents and children. I can see this book being a wonderful addition on bookshelves of families who have children with special needs or considerations.


This next book I adored!  I love the concept that you can find smiley faces in common objects throughout our natural environment. That is the premise of the children’s book , THE SMILEY BOOK OF COLORS.   Children and parents can read about colors on common objects – which make a smiley picture!  There is one draw back of this book… it is addictive.  Now, I find myself looking for spontaneous smileys EVERYWHERE!  Below is a video of my “findings” and the authors,  Ruth Kaiser.   I also inserted some real kids smiling!  As a side note, I recently met Ruth at the premier of the new RICKI LAKE SHOW. She is as wonderful in person as her book! And, she has a beautiful smile!

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