Meeting Professional WWE Women’s Wrestler- Lisa Marie Varon

It is the most unlikely of pairings! A social media correspondent expecting to just snap a few photos at an ESPY gift suite and a professional woman’s wrestler. But, somehow we bonded over a few laughs, high fives and realizing that life is good after your 30’s (and for me a bit beyond that.)  Lisa Marie Varon is a class act.  I instantly thought she was fun, funny and truly engaging.

Not every celebrity who walks the red carpet wants to have a conversation – but Lisa Marie was much more considerate than many.  We chatted for a long time! After I returned home from helping at the Celebrity Connected event, I did a little research on Ms. Varon.  Or shall I say “Victoria” / “Tara”.

As a woman’s professional wrestler she earned several titles, including twice winning the WWE Woman’s Championship.  Her resume includes  bodybuilder, fitness competitor and entrepreneur. Make no mistake- the WWE enterprise is BIG BUSINESS – with  over 650  million fans on social media alone!   Learn more here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.11.00 PM

I also discovered that Lisa Marie (who was named after THE Lisa Marie Presley) – continues to put fitness first. Despite having more than her share of bumps and bruises in her lifetime, she keeps healthy – I am sure part of her regimen is laughing daily. AND she is a professional speaker – another thing we have in common!

Enjoy the photos of Lisa Marie and I at the  ESPY Celebrity Connected Gift Suite. She also is media savvy and tweets as @RealLisaMarie. She has a few more followers than me – but no biggie!!

Lisa Marie, so glad we met!

Media contacts for Lisa Marie can be made here.


Lisa Marie wrestler
Lisa Marie Varon and Louise Masin Sattler
No bloggers were hurt in this photo… haha!

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My day at the #PriceIsRight: Part 2

Just a quick follow- up from yesterday’s blog  about my going to  the social media “awesome” week for the game show The Price is Right.  While I can’t divulge any details about the show results, it is safe to say that my garage will not need to be cleaned out for any additional vehicles to reside.

It was a fun day and rather longer than expected. We arrived at 8am and left after 2pm. We only filmed one episode that will air on January 27th. In the interest of educating any future attendees of the Price is Right, I have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

1- Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

2- Bring sunscreen- you will be outside for a large part of your day.

3- Don’t forget your ID

4- Bring your own lunch and drink – it is very expensive to eat their food.

  1. If you park in their suggested parking lot be prepared for a rather steep payment.  Note that there are no parking vouchers, so you pay in full wherever you park.

  2. There are some really nice people who are in the audience.  Newsflash: this can be a very good networking opportunity – so pack a few business cards! We met people from all over the country, including a whole bunch of Mary Kay Cosmetic representatives who were attending a local convention! If you are not a social butterfly then bring a book. They  take your phones rather early in the waiting process.

  3. Remember that the odds are not in your favor to be chosen, but for those that do  hear the words, “Come on Down!”, it seems to be a hoot of an experience!

Below is the tweet of a pre- show photo with hubby and friends.  I dressed as the “Queen of Tweet”.  Our “interviewer” thought that was funny. My shirt says “TeamDrew” as my original outfit was “flagged” for possible advertising.  Apparently @LouiseASL and #411Voices are known brands! OY!

Price is Right tweet.png


And in the end… 

Sorry, can’t tell you the outcome of the day.  But, do catch the Social Media Awesome week for the Price is Right!  Final note, if you are in Los Angeles and interested in attending a taping of a television show you may want to check out the On Camera Audiences website to see available shows and dates.




Why the OMG! Insider “Twitterati” helped Lori Loughlin become a TWEETER! (And.. how you can join Twitter, too!)


This week I had the privilege of joining other social media “influencers” at the OMGInsider studios to help actress Lori Loughlin (FULL HOUSE, 90210) lose her “twitter virginity”.  It was a fun morning and also a good time to formulate my thoughts on explaining Twitter to others. (Watch the episode of Lori sending her first tweet to John Stamos here >> LORI’S FIRST TWEET)

So, in my effort to provide an educational spin on the social media phenomenon known as TWEETING.. I will provide you now with the 411 as I know it.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform that in my head is like a giant gathering of people.  Some have common interests and some don’t.  You may not wish to engage in conversation with everyone, but,  it can help shine a spotlight on a person’s agenda, pop culture, business savvy or philanthropic causes.  It also is “social” – meaning it can lead to true relationships where you actually meet and not only tweet with people.

Twitter is not for anyone who doesn’t like to share or is not trusting of what they read.  It also is not for people who are finger happy and feel the need to tweet about every thought that crosses their mind space.

How to start on Twitter?

First you must decide if you wish to join Twitter and which name best explains your brand. Perhaps it is your name or your company name. My twitter handle is @LouiseASL  – it is my name Louise and my business endeavor American Sign Language or ASL.  In my bio, I explain about myself and love for ASL.. hopefully people make the connection.

Note.. use some caution with Twitter names. One person thought my Twitter was Louise ASS… oops..

Once you have decided on your name and a succinct bio be sure to upload a photo that is flattering and close up. DO not upload your account with the Twitter EGG. That just means that you are a newbie and not worth being taken serious.

Then what to do?

Use the search feature to find people of like interests or trusted news providers. Perhaps you like to follow authors, celebrities or people well known in the Twittersphere.  And of course, if you are respectful and like to be amused go ahead and follow me here>> @LouiseASL 

Rules of  the Twitter Universe

Twitter has a long list of rules that you will need to agree to before you send your first tweet.  But, here are some that one must also follow unless you wish to be a lone wolf on Twitter or part of a nasty thread of “meanie” tweets.

DO NOT SPAM others.  You spam me and I press UNFOLLOW or BLOCK in a flash

TWITTER is not where you get to “out” someone or bully.  Anyone who bullies by writing negative tweets, even in 140 characters or less” is despicable in my opinion. We need to play by the rules of kindergarten.. starting with “play fair”.  (Here are the basics of kindergarten rules as outlined by author Robert Fulghum, in case you forgot> RULES)

– Be gracious, humble and thankful. If people retweet your blog articles thank them. If they give you a nice shout out – thank them.  Want to be forgotten on Twitter- don’t engage with others or be thankful.

Learn to say it in 140 characters and use shortcuts such as TYVM (Thank You Very Much) or GR8 (GREAT)

Who should I follow and who should I not follow

Before you press FOLLOW check out the person.  If they have very few or NO ONE following them then race for the Twitter hills! These people are most likely spammers.  Also, note that people with only a few followers may be a person that is well known, they are often marked as a “verified account”.

What are verified accounts?

@OPRAH verified (with a blue check mark after the name) means it is her real account and not someone who is using her name in the hopes to get Twitter love from others.

Can you make money or get “stuff” from Twitter

Well this is a topic for another blog.. but if you wish to read up on how to use social media for marketing and branding then go to these reliable resources and read their numerous articles about social media marketing.



Does it cost anything?

No Twitter is FREE. But, if you are mean, bully or spam others it could cost you something more valuable – your reputation!

Who are the TOP people with the most followers on TWITTER?

This list is always changing. But, here is a recent tabulation.  It may surprise you!  TOP TWITTER ACCOUNTS

What about this PINTEREST that I hear so much about?

OY.. come back another day to read a blog about Pinterest!

Happy Tweeting!!

A day at the OMG! Insider studio with fellow twitterati.  Follow them on Twitter at @ThePartyGoddess @xoxoLizza @LoriLouglin @ArmyYoga @DailyDimmick @SandyAbrahms @JerylJagoda @TinaPR @LoriMoreno @CupcakeD and @Omginsider and @LouiseASL, of course
A day at the OMG! Insider studio with fellow twitterati. Follow them on Twitter at @ThePartyGoddess @xoxoLizza @LoriLoughlin @YogaArmy @DailyDimmick @SandyAbrams @JerylJagoda @TMoorePR @LoriMoreno @CupcakeD and @Omginsider and @LouiseASL, of course

Blogs that make me smile and think….

I read a lot of blogs.  Not just one or two, but a whole bunch.  Many are for professional reasons, such as on education. Others are just for the “heck of it”.  Recently, I have come across a number of blogs that make me smile and think “out of the box”.  There is something about them that is full of either “warm and fuzzy feelings” or ” pearls of wisdom”.  Since, I believe in sharing information that is helpful for others, feel free to comment below.  By the way, none of the authors know I am writing this blog and including theirs in my list.  Welcome to my random list.. can’t wait to read yours.  Meet Noah, an adorable toddler who happened to have been born with Down Syndrome. His Dad has been chronicling their lives for quite some time. This blog is full of beautiful photography and pure joy.  I love the videos including NOAHS FIRST STEPS.  Warning, you may feel your ears swell with happy tears.


Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!  Where were you and your college financial blog when our family started the college search and savings plans?  Well, our loss should be another’s gain… so readers…please run , don’t walk to Jodi Okun’s blog College Financial Advisors   Also, follow Jodi on TWITTER 

He is fab and so is his blog.  Gotta love the DAILY DIMMICK blog by Stephen Dimmick.  We met via FRIENDS OF RICKI   (THE social media group in conjunction with the Ricki Lake Show).  I found his sense of humor hysterical and his dedication towards helping animals in peril- a true mitzvah!  Glad I came across Stephen’s blogs and hope you will, too!

I LOVE TWITTER... should I shout that AGAIN!  Really, TWITTER has introduced me to people and services, that I would have no idea about if I hadn’t connected via this venue. This leads me to my “visual website choice..”  Amy Goodman.   You may know Amy from  various television programs. I recently, read her book  WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT.     This book is a perfect summer time read.  I really started salivating at some of the purses and outfits and honestly hope we meet someday so Amy can access my wardrobe selections.  The book has a fair amount of constructive tips on assembling a commonsense wardrobe.  Even for those who are far from being a fashionista- like myself.   Her website is chocked full of great info, too.  Bookmark it!

Another great “find” on TWITTER was Allana Pratt.   Known as an intimacy expert, she has a great blog that helps heal and nurture relationships. Much of her work is to help those who have had complicated lives and are in need of assistance with healing from the inside outward. Allana is your person.   Her website is for mature audiences, meaning those who are in need of intimacy help.  CLICK HERE    

Alanna Tweets as @AllanaPratt


If you are a TWEETER like myself and scores of others, feel free to follow ME as @LouiseASL


2011 – Learn, Create, Support, Educate and Breathe

This has been quite a year! So, as usual I will defer to photos instead of words to capture the year – end synopsis. From many traveling opportunities such as to Mac World with The PaperShow, EMS trainings, Parent- Child workshops, to creating educational videos for, products for SIGNING FAMILIES (hence all the kids in photos), and including tons of time working in media and social media and with, expanding my professional horizons with the  co- creation of 411 VOICES and my joining The Linicomn Agency – LA Division for Exceptional Talent, to time time with family and friends and battling the beast (cancer) only to turn those lemons in to a Twitter-esque lemonade, and much more!… WHEW..

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I remember when I was an undergraduate student waiting at bus stops or walking home late at night feeling weary and sometimes frightened of my setting.  To try and ease my anxiety I carried with me the safety device de jour at the time, known as the “rape whistle”.  I also carried a small canister of mace.  How much safer and also more comfortable would I have felt had I access to an iSafe backpack! What is the iSafe Backpack? In essence, it is an ingenious backpack/ mobile personal safety device that helps keep children of all ages and adults feel safer when they leave home!

I agreed to try the iSafe backpack (which I received complimentary), because I wanted to see for myself this product that was causing all the  buzz on the “back to school” circuit. Recently, I have had the opportunity to see many backpacks for this back to school season and I wanted to compare.  ( I need to confess- I am FUSSY!)  The iSafe backpack (Sling style) arrived at my door and it was an instant hit with all the teens who were there when the box arrived!  Not only did the iSafe bag come equipped with the most brilliant of mobile personal safety devices-  an easy to access pull string alarm system, but it is able to hold so much of my personal stuff!  My netbook with sleeve fit easily in to the sling backpacks main compartment.  Also, there was a very healthy sized outside pocket to hold a cell phone, personal belongings and even some snack food! In addition, as a person with a bad back, I was duly impressed with the ergonomics of the iSafe Sling backpack. There was much cushion on this backpack which made both the shoulder straps and the outside that rested against my back very comfortable

. As I was trying on my iSafe bag, with the cadre of teens still acting as “judges”, we generated many applications for use.  Some of the teens noted that the alternate styles (in the literature I received with the bag) would be super for college and high school students who needed to pack an entire day of books, computers and after school apparel.  One  girl noted that her parents would feel better if her younger sister had a bag as she walked to school and an iSafe backpack would ease their fears of about potential child abduction.  Of course, we tested the alarm – immediately- and much to our surprise, it was LOUD!  I originally thought the alarm would be a beep, but as one of the teens yelled over the siren- “This alarm could be heard blocks away!”  Collectively we were sold! In addition, my daughter, who is always looking for trendy items paired with practical usage, suggested that the iSafe company may want to consider cute daytime and evening purses, too.  (I personally second the idea)

Moreover, I am thrilled to have the sling back for travel!  Plus, I am a woman who travels nationwide for business.  I often have to stay in hotel rooms by myself.  I love that this backpack acts as a personal security system in a hotel, parking garage and so much more.

As an educator I would give the iSafe Sling Backpack an A+! And I have to thank the iSafe company for making my holiday shopping that much easier- as now I know exactly what I am buying the students in our family!  Oops- just let the cat out of the bag!! Oh well- maybe my nieces and nephew will let me know now which style they want! Here’s hoping you all discover iSafe Backpacks and bags, too!

If you follow my blog then you already know I am a huge fan of photos and videos!  I plan on adding a VLOG on my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK PAGE for all to learn ASL signs related to the iSafe Backpack.

Check out iSafe on this video!!

To make it easy for all of you- iSafe is now on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

Louise Masin Sattler is a busy psychologist and owner of Signing Families™.  She also is honored to be part of the HerInsight Network . Catch her show, Learning and Laughter with Louise! every Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST.  Coffee optional.  Laughing is mandatory.   And she’ll be sporting a new iSAFE sling backpack cause it is groovy! Laugh with Louise on Twitter as @LouiseASL

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary ISafe Bag for this review. No other compensation was provided.