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Am I too old for social media? Survey for those who dare to answer

I am getting the sense that my “mature” demographic is not necessarily the one desired by brands, unless it is for medical equipment or pharmaceuticals. Maybe I am just having a bit of “post- birthday blues”. But, in all seriousness, lately, I have had more than one overt signal that I am too old to be a viable media specialist. I won’t lie – that stings a wee bit.

Perhaps the Most Important 10 Word Question of the Year

I live in California – the state where people live in sunshine more days then they do not. Where access to free and outdoor activities abounds. And, where this past week a serious threat to a local Pasadena high school was thwarted thanks to the efforts of astute community members and law enforcement.

It isn’t yet September and we are talking about school violence as if it is an eventuality this new school year and no longer “breaking news”. How can this be?

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