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If I Were to Write an Op-Ed about Education it Would Read Like This….

Many people have become fired up about our “educational crisis” this week due to the release of the new documentary, Waiting for Superman.  It has been at the center of two recent Oprah specials, MSNBC’s new and powerful debate- Education Nation, and many other news outlets. People are talking, tweeting and some are even being driven to action due to the catalyst that Waiting for Superman has provided.  Not me.  I didn’t just happen to wake up this week to the educational crisis in the United States.  Nope, I have been yelling from the sidelines for many years.  However, the one thing I learned this week during my own personal “Ah-Ha” moment was that the sidelines are for wimps.  It is time to get messy.

So, what am I going to do that is DIFFERENT than before?  First, I plan on helping others join the discussion through social media. I have available to me many ways to help stir the debate and help others to join in to find real and viable solutions.  One way is to generate interest via EDUCATION.com. This great educational site has over two million visitors per month. Surely, someone will want to join the debate and heed the call to action on here.

For me, this is a personal and complicated matter.  No easy answers.  For me, there has to be monumental changes of the bad, while preserving what is good with our educational system.  For me, there needs to be inclusion and recognition of children with special educational considerations during these debates.  For me, we need to address the cultural and linguistic differences within our schools among the various populations and act accordingly.  For me, I need to honor the millions of people who have called themselves “educators” before me.  For me, I need to honor  my role model, my Dad.

I want to know how others will “get messy”. Who will YOU honor?   Will senior citizens, who are an amazing resource, become more involved in schools?  Will businesses allow parents to go to schools and volunteer on a regular basis?  Will law enforcement help even more to make the neighborhoods to which our schools exist safer?

I am finished asking questions.  I am ready to get “messy”.  Are you?

For more information about Education Nation,  Waiting for Superman and what YOU can do.. go to these websites:

NBC NEWS Education Nation: http://www.educationnation.com/index.cfm?objectid=E689D721-B6C9-605B-DE1D813E4CDA3339

OPRAH- http://www.Oprah.com

Waiting for Superman: http://www.WaitingforSuperman.com

Thanks for reading.

Louise Sattler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Owner of Signing Families and a national presence in the media.  She will be starting her new radio show- The Louise Sattler Show- Where Learning Meets Laughter this Fall 2010 on soon to be launched network-HerInsight!  Look for her getting “messy” at a school district or state meeting near you!

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