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DOG ADOPTIONS – When is the right time?

Yesterday, I happened upon a dog adoption day at a local pet store. (Karma) I must admit I felt a bit conflicted when I saw families with kids still in strollers making adoption requests. Was this the right time to adopt a puppy? Was this fair to the child? The dog?
I did some online research to find out what would be the best “practices” for having a new dog enter a home with a young child. Some articles were positive, yet many were cautious. I found that little humans and little doggies don’t always mix. Some experts gave suggestions such as teaching the words “gentle” to both and having them co-habitate with constant supervision. Special techniques were offered on sites that had dog rescues with the words “supervision” and “socialization” stressed. The use of a kennel to help contain the dog, if needed, was sometimes suggested, as well.

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