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Kindness, Social Good and Sweetness found in these Valentine’s Day Cards (Review)

I don’t often review holiday specific products on this blog. However, there was something intriguing about Peaceable Kingdom’s Valentine’s Day card collections that piqued my interest.

First, they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Not only do they have some weight and substance to them (unlike the store bought ones I use to give my kids to hand out in school), but they come with messages that are thoughtful, yet not too “sappy”.

Which blog posts were the most popular and favorite of 2015?

Today a question by a blogger was posed on WORDPRESS – “What was your favorite post that you wrote in 2015?” That is a tricky question. The posts I enjoyed writing or felt had the most “impact” were within the “social good or philanthropy”. But, interestingly the post that had the most direct readership (from Wordpress directly vs. a “third party”) was a fashion blog – a topic I rarely discuss.

“Then they came for me…”

This post may be one of the most controversial that I have ever written. But here it goes…

This is a photograph of a poster I purchased at the Holocaust Museum more than a decade ago. “I didn’t speak up … and then they came for me”.

I interpret the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller as an important lesson. We need to be the voice for the voiceless. We should never forget humanity and to help the less fortunate. For if we do… then what?
Yet, I am afraid that many of us might have forgotten, as now we are filling our social media timelines, newspapers, magazines and on – air programming with comments that are often unkind words towards others or filled with vile protests. How can that be when the United States is a human tapestry full of cultural richness?

Are you a #SocialGoodBlogger?

WOW … hearing myself referred to as a “mommy blogger” seemed to be a bit off base since most of what I write about in my blog – Where Learning Meets Laughter – has nothing to do with my being a “mommy” or the fact that I pen a blog on a regular basis. However it did make me wonder – if I don’t consider myself a “mommy blogger” … what am I?

Education blogger? Lifestyle blogger? Random thoughts blogger? Other?

#WorldMSDay is May 27, 2015

Tomorrow is a day to focus on Multiple Sclerosis- the disease most commonly known as “MS”. It will be a day for us to applaud researchers, doctors, and organizations who dedicated themselves to helping those with the disease by seeking cures and advancements with treatments. Moreover, we will honor those with MS who fight the disease daily, their families and friends.

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