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The Perfect Gifts for the Hard to Buy Family Members, Co-Workers or Friends

Kids are usually easy to buy for this time of year. If it appears on television -they want it. If it has buttons to press – they want it.  Sometimes, I seem to get stuck for gifts for family members, friends and co-workers.  But, this year I got lucky. I decided to think a bit out of the box for some of my gifts.   Hope you enjoy my list…

  • KINDLE FIRE.  I will admit it I was a bit skeptical about this tiny device. Especially since what I really wanted was the iPad.  Despite my attempts at trying to win an iPad or save for one, I always managed not to succeed. So, when the FIRE was announced I decided to compromise. I am not at all disappointed. In fact, I LOVE IT!!!! Easy, fun and loads of battery life! A great gift (as are the other Kindles) at $199 or less for older versions.  And in case you are wondering.. I bought Kindles for others, too!
  • PEACOCK POTTERY    I love this company.  A mompreneur own this business and the pricing is very reasonable. Last year I gave out amazing ornaments to many of my friends and this year I bought a cute bowl for our daughter.  It comes packaged ready to put under the tree or give as a non-holiday gift.
  • MAN SHOES   I reviewed this book a week ago and it has continued to “stick” with me.  This is one of those gifts that could be given to the hard to buy for hubby, father or friend.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES from SMALL ONLINE BUSINESSES.   It is no secret that I love and support online businesses.  Let me (re)introduce you to some of my favorites in this category and suggest that you get one of their gift certificates.
Shara Lawrence-Weiss makes one of a kind books using photos that you supply.  I love that she can write the text in the language of  your choosing or make it bilingual
This online store is dedicated to offering educational and recreational materials for children and families with special needs.  Another mom owned business who gives back to the community
A subscription to abcteach.com is the PERFECT gift for any teacher or college student majoring in education. Chocked full of downloads and classroom materials.  A favorite gift that I often give to graduating seniors who are hoping to get a classroom of their own

♦Business Coaching 

Do you know someone who has a great idea, but needs help “jump starting”?   Consider the gift of a consultation session with a reputable business coach with a great track record. Or perhaps give some assistance by offering media consultation or advertising help, as well. I know each one of these women and would recommend them all.
Note:  These experts all have different coaching styles or offer different services for budding entrepreneurs.
Kristin Andress  – Andress Consulting  (Also love her book, Imagine Being)
 Lastly, consider giving a gift that helps another in need. If you read my previous post, you will learn how you can help children and families still devastated by the March 2011 tsunami in Japan

411 VOICES Supports Ongoing Relief Efforts in Japan with a Silent Auction

Akiko Yamazaki lost everything on March 11, 2011.  Gone  were the lives of her mother, daughter and countless other relatives when the torrential tsunami  hit her village of Otsuchi,Japan on that fateful day.  Lost were the hopes and dreams of many, including an exchange student who had visited the United States as part of a sister city educational experience with community members from Ft. Bragg, California.  Sharon Davis was one of the many who opened their homes and their hearts to students from Otsuchi and then months later felt powerless as the raging waters left destruction and death to those they had met.  Their story was recently chronicled on a CBS 60 Minutes broadcast.  (Watch below) Sharon is my colleague via the 411 VOICES media network. I also proudly call her my friend.


This Fall Sharon received a few keychains from Akiko. They are made from debris of her home.  This brave woman took what strength she had after such a catastrophic loss and decided to persevere by helping her community and giving them hope. Sharon Davis and I decided to expand her efforts by offering the above pictured keychain (or ornament) as an item for SILENT AUCTION via 411VOICES.com.

In order to place a bid for this keychain (which is about half the size of a credit card), simply send  an EMAIL with your name and the amount you wish to bid to INFO@411VOICES<dot>com  (unusual typing is to stop spammers). The bidding will conclude  at 11:59pm on December 16th (EST).  The winner  will be the person who made a bid of the highest monetary value.  The winner will be contacted the next day via email.  The keychain will be shipped priority mail within the United States by December 20th.

All proceeds go back to Akiko to help survivors in Otsuchi, Japan.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and perhaps your bid. If you are unable to bid at this time, please feel free to share this story with others. (http://wp.me/pSDlj-By)

Read more about Sharon Davis’ experience here

Newspaper article from Ft. Bragg can be found here

I Hit the Social-Media Jackpot…

I hit the social-media jackpot this year! What started as a small idea between a few online friends and colleagues has spun its’ way in to a much larger and productive endeavor- 411 VOICES.  For those of you who don’t know about 411 VOICES, it is a collective of women who have a common mission – To make the world a better place by helping others through education (in the broad sense), via business and through empowerment / life leadership.  Some of us are from media while others are quieter soldiers making a difference one person, family or business at a time.

There are a ton of all women groups with online presence. Ours is different. And in order for me to explain the difference I need to introduce you to the amazing women who I now am proud to call not only my 411 VOICES colleagues but friends…. In the words of our member, Annie Fox....”We are a paella”.  I chose to introduce you to my “411 VOICES sisters” thought a media slideshow (also found on our intro video on the website).  The names of our experts and ways to connect are below.  To learn how to bring our 411 VOICES associated with our SPEAKERS ALLIANCE  please send an email to INFO@411VOICES.com.

Enjoy getting to know the women of 411 VOICES.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


DARA BLAKER ,  Entertainment and Music are her passion.  Listen to my co-host every Tuesday (11:30amET) here:  ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT ALL.    Follow here here: DaraOnRadio

KRISTEN ANDRESS     Media consultant who wants you to simply …Imagine Being.  She rocks the PR world including some well know celebs.  Read more about the CEO of Andress Consulting

LIYSA CALLSEN    Funny, poignant, thought-provoking, inspirational, and funny- again! That is our Liysa Callsen, aka codadiva.. learn about growing up hearing in a deaf world. (And better yet- book her as your entertaining speaker for your next convention)

SHARON DAVIS    My colleague and friend, Sharon, receives my  411 VOICES  humanitarian award for 2011. When not busy helping her friends in Japan following the aftermath of the tsunami, she is involved with finding people here JOBS!  Connect with Sharon via 2Work-At- HOME

ANN DUNNEWOLD    Hailing from the great state of Texas she is an author (of many books) and a life coach. Dedicated to helping women feel better about herself.

JANE DUNNEWOLD   Our newest member is a gifted artist with talent to spare. I look forward to learning more about her.

BETH ENGLEMAN    A media dynamo who juggles single mommyhood with hanging out with Oprah! Correspondent for iVillage and much more. Connect with Mommyonashoestring here

ANNIE FOX   Author, Educator and Anti-Bullying Advocate. She won’t stop until there are no more children being emotionally or physcially abused in our schools and neighborhoods. Follow her via Cruel is NOT Cool 

MAIMAH KARMO    SURVIVOR.  Maimah survived some of life’s biggest obstacles. Her personal journey is compelling and an inspiration to young and old. Read about this amazing survivor of both Liberian unrest and breast cancer.

LYNNE KENNEY  is the FAMILY COACH.  She is a top authority on keeping balance and harmony within the home.  Also, teams with another 411 VOICES member (Marianne Russo) on Special Needs Radio. 

MARGARET McSWEENEY   CHARITY.  Margaret is one to give over and over and over again.  Read about this authors work with young women via PEARL GIRLS 

BRITT MICHAELIAN    SOCIAL MEDIA GIRLFRIENDS  is Britt’s new venture about bringing women together via social media to help each other.  WOW my friend Britt, is the platinum standard for building a social network.

AVA PARNASS   The Kid Whisperer.  Musical, therapeutic and creative.  Connect with Ava via her new website 

JENNA RIGGS     Artistic, creative and dedicated is how Jenna rolls. Together with Beth Engleman they are MommyOnAShoestring!

MARIANNE RUSSO  Bringing people together to help those in the special needs community is the purpose behind Marianne’s THE COFFEE KLATCH.   

ASTRID STROMBERG   Psychic, Astrologer and expert on all things paranormal.  Astrid connects you to worlds beyond. Connect here to learn about weekly talk shows and on air readings

SHARA LAWRENCE- WEISS   The WHIZ at SMALL BIZ!   Learn how to “perk” with this successful stay at home entrepreneur via MOMMYPERKS.com

RACHEL WRIGHT    Turning loss in to opportunity! That is what this single mom did after her divorce. Creator of National Mom’s Night Out!

WENDY YOUNG   Tough Kids are her speciality.  Delivered with gentle reason and common sense through KIDLUTIONS!

Unemployed? 411VOICES Wants to Get You HIRED!

Image representing Blog Talk Radio as depicted...

This will be a short but important post. TOMORROW, MONDAY, October 3rd at 9pmEST 411 VOICES will be sponsoring an ON AIR JOB FAIR.  The intent is to bring job seekers together with prospective employers in order to create HIRING MAGIC!

*******Simply go to BLOG TALK RADIO at 9pmET or listen on iTunes.  The link to both is http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/411Voices

Sharon Davis, Ann Dunnewold and myself will be hosts for this 90 minute job fair. We have dozens of available positions to announce. Jobs are varied and include computer specialists, physicians, chiropractors, bloggers for pay, editors, part or full time, work at home and much, much more!

Follow us on TWITTER as well as @411VOICES


email: info@411VOICES.com

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