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Wanted: School Psychologists

I am writing this blog because within the past two days I have had five inquiries for School Psychologist job positions. They were for both part and full-time employment. Many of the agencies that reached out to me had multiple job offerings throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and other states. Some were flex-time, a few added…

What Can I Do with a Degree in Psychology?

The Class of 2015 recently crossed the podium to receive their degrees in venues that were proud parents, amazing keynote speakers and scores of hopeful graduates. While many may have already secured jobs or slots in graduate schools – a fair number were unsure of their “next steps”. And, of those who may be in limbo – many are now alumni of Psychology programs and although able to converse about human behavior, statistics and learning theory. they are now unemployed. What to do with a degree in Psychology? To answer this question we will need to ask a few more.

A Face. A Social Story. Helping children with Autism to express feelings

I have worked many years within the Autism community and one theme that continually comes up when a person on the spectrum misses or misreads social and emotional cues. This can lead to difficult, awkward and at times, comical situations. Many therapists, psychologists, educators and parents work diligently to try and bring social awareness and correct communication (including semantics) to those who have challenges in these areas.
That is why I decided that some of the scores of photos I have amassed can be put to good use to help others. Feel free to download and share this slideshow.

Our “Trip to Holland” – the Next Chapter

More than three years ago I wrote a blog post that has since gone “viral”. It is about our son, Seth and how how his premature birth story. I originally wrote the blog as a letter to other parents and as a way to share with our son about the “back story” of the early months and years of his life. Since then I have written updates and now I write another.

Seth will be graduating next week from Michigan State with a degree in Criminal Justice. In 1992 the only request I made of our our son was to keep breathing. Now we know he is has added much more to his repertoire of skills.

Below you will find the original post. Feel free to share as I wish that our story will give hope to others who are just starting on their trips to Holland.

Summer Reading Recommendations from Kids to Adults

Hello Everyone!  Each year I receive a zillion books to review from publicists and authors. This year, I have chosen a select few to comprise my 2012 Summer Reading List.  Note, I could have written volumes, but I am choosing to spotlight just a few books. Many are niche, meant for only a select few…

GoGoKABONGO – Improving Reading Skills with Early and Struggling Readers

WARNING:  I am really enthusiastic about GoGoKABONGO and this blog may make you become really motivated to learn more about  how one great company sets the tone for the world of online educational gaming!  Proceed with caution! 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 I find it my job to search out and review companies that develop products and services that…

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