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Dear Mom, I think we need to leave Dad …

I think we need to leave Dad. I know that he doesn’t mean to be angry at us – all the time, but he is “out of control” with his drinking and abuse. When I heard him hit you last night I was in the corner of my closet crying. I wanted to stop him but I was scared. I knew he would hit me, too! … Discuss with you a place called WINGS.

DISASTER SAFETY INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – 2015 updated post with additional safety resources

Update: Sadly tornado “season” has been wicked during 2015, therefore I am re – blogging this post that originally posted in 2013. At the bottom of this post is additional safety resources including for earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami and wildfire preparedness.


This year scores of children will hear the school bell ring signaling the end of another school year and the beginning of summer camp season!  While the kids are dreaming of long days with friends playing and having all night fun in their bunks, their parents will be busily preparing their summer wardrobe trunks with…

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