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How Social Media can help grow your GROOVY business!

411 VOICES Radio Network has started a new program on Sunday evening- THE SPOTLIGHT. Our team of experts will take turns sitting in the “host chair” as we bring to the table amazing guests for all to enjoy! This week we will have Stephen Dimmick, Holly Love and Marie Walker Riddle. Three uniquely different individuals with a common bond- they met via TWITTER and the RICKI LAKE SHOW! Each has their own personal company. From computer technology to education to makeup stylist for the stars! Yep- we will cover it all!

Blogs that make me smile and think….

I read a lot of blogs.  Not just one or two, but a whole bunch.  Many are for professional reasons, such as on education. Others are just for the “heck of it”.  Recently, I have come across a number of blogs that make me smile and think “out of the box”.  There is something about…

Happy Summer!

Our June newsletter has just been sent out and it is FULL of cool links to ASL videos, interviews, promotions and much more!  Find out about my video for the New Ricki Lake Show that got the producers eyes!  All of this and much more by clicking –> SIGNING FAMILIES NEWSLETTER THANKS FOR READING!  ~Louise

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