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Hashimoto’s Disease – No match for Lisa McManes!

4 th half Marathon May 2012Please meet  a woman who defines the word – CHAMPION,  Lisa McManes!  Lisa was diagnosed during her early elementary school years as having Hashimoto’s Disease which is an autoimmune thyroid disorder, which among other symptoms, likes to overtake ones’ thyroid leaving the person feeling fatigued and often times overweight.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa on the 411 VOICES SPOTLIGHT radio show this weekend. What I learned is that truly “where there is a will.. there is a way!” You can learn throughout the interview about Lisa’s incredible journey of how she lost one hundred pounds, trained and ran a half- marathon, and now helps others through her inspirational speaking and mentoring.

Connect first with Lisa on Facebook as she documents her every step in  LISA’S WEIGHT LOSS DIARY.   Learn how she inspired others via the RICKI LAKE SHOW.  And, be part of her champion team by reaching out with her on TWITTER.  I believe that Lisa said it best when she was quoted on the Ricki Lake Show website..

My condition requires me to work harder than others and it is taking me a little longer to get the weight off, but IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN.

Bravo my new friend, Bravo!


Note: Lisa credited her weight loss and improved wellness to many sources including DotFit.  The arm band calculation product was mentioned on the show, however, they are not a sponsor of 411 VOICES.

Please check with your physician prior to starting any weight loss or exercise program.

How Social Media can help grow your GROOVY business!

411 VOICES Radio Network has started a new program on Sunday evening- THE SPOTLIGHT.   Our team of experts will take turns sitting in the “host chair” as we bring to the table amazing guests for all to enjoy! This week we will have Stephen Dimmick, Holly Love and Marie Walker Riddle. Three uniquely different individuals with a common bond- they met via TWITTER and the RICKI LAKE SHOW!   Each has their own personal company.  From computer technology to education to makeup stylist for the stars!  They will chat about how social media helped to grow and expand their own businesses.  Yep- we will cover it all!

It should be illegal to have this much fun as a host of a radio show!  I am thrilled to have three of my favorite  social media TWEETMATES joining me and would love for you to “hang out ” with us, too!  So, brew that cup of tea and listen  SUNDAY, NOV. 4th from 10:30-11:30pm ET or 7:30-8:30 PT.  CLICK HERE to LISTEN LIVE or DOWNLOAD LATER

You can be their TWEETMATES too.. simply follow them on TWITTER HERE




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Why the Toys R Us, the new Ricki Lake show, Disney and ABCFamily “Get it”

This week Toys r Us unveiled their annual TOY GUIDE for DIFFERENTLY ABLED CHILDREN.  I love this catalog! It is by far the best one catalog I receive all year long! Included are great fine and gross motor activities, as well as games to stimulate language and overall cognitive skills.  Wonderful for families and educators.  Nancy O’Dell promotes this inclusion catalog and wishes all to “create magical play moments”  on a video that you can watch (captioned) here:   BRAVO to Toys R Us!   GO RICKI! GO RICKI! GO RICKI!   Once again I must give a shout-out to the staff at the new RICKI LAKE SHOW!  Again, they “get it”.  Bryan Moore, director of social media is meticulous at making sure that the content is inclusive.  The team was uber positive and excited when I filmed a number of ASL and captioned videos for them as their FRIEND OF THE WEEK for #FriendsofRicki . To view the videos click here:  RICKI VIDEOS

Meet some of the wonderful staff behind the new RICKI LAKE SHOW.. Begins September 10th. Check local listings for the station in your area and air time.

“THE MOUSE” aka Disney once again celebrated the deaf community  by opening their original Disneyland to thousands who live and love within the deaf community. This year they added another great element- the cast of SWITCHED AT BIRTH (via ABCFAmily). This was a brilliant  pairing of a beloved theme park with a “hot” show which highlights families with both deaf and hearing members. Equipped with many interpreters and staff, the day was deemed a wild success and much enjoyed by young and more “mature” lovers of all things Disney.   Check out one of their blogs which helps to frame the endeavor.CLICK HERE

So a warm THANK YOU to Toys R Us, Ricki Lake and Staff, Disney and ABCFAMILY for “getting it” when it comes to setting an environment and tone for inclusion!

NEW on my shelf and in my KINDLE… ah.. random joys…

 Summer is a great time to curl up poolside with a book or magazine.  Here is what is sitting on my summer reading bookshelf  this month.  Note to readers- the list is as random as the writer!


          by Rallie McAllister, MD and Jennifer Bright Reich. (Available Amazon. Twitter as @MommyMdGuides)

I had NO IDEA what to expect when this book arrived.  I was approached by the authors who thought that my blog may be a great fit for a review.  I had a preconceived notion that  it would be a traditional parenting guide with some step by step directions of how to care for your baby.  Color me WRONG!

This book is clever, unique and educational. Written with the input from the personal experiences of  dozens of  physicians and other medical professionals, all who write about their own personal journeys into parenthood.  These vignettes are then juxtaposed with sound advice on topics ranging from breastfeeding to developmental milestones.  The Psychologist in me  LOVED THIS BOOK!  In fact, it is now on my list of books to give as a baby gift for rookie parents and suggest for early intervention programs to place in to their infant-toddler lending libraries.  Wonderfully written. Easy to read.  A++ . Bravo!


New Magazine for the Ricki Lake Show- airing September  10th. Photo property of Ricki Lake Show magazine.

  I think it really is awesome that there is a community of people from all over the world who have one common link this year  –  They are Friends of Ricki – a group based on social media bonding!  Banded together as fans of the timeless and quirky actress, Ricki Lake (who I LOVED in HAIRSPRAY ). Her social network groups are genius. Her magazine is engaging.  Her book is a must read.   Frankly, it is so raw and honest you almost feel guilty for reading it!

Ricki– I love all  of the energy your team has built  from your groups to your magazine. And, I can’t wait to see you back on the air starting September 10th!


LITTLE GREEN by Arnold Rudnick is the second book I have reviewed for this author. This preschool – early elementary level book is based on the concept that one should accept themselves for who they are, including their limitations.  Beautifully illustrated it is a good conversation starter for parents and children. I can see this book being a wonderful addition on bookshelves of families who have children with special needs or considerations.


This next book I adored!  I love the concept that you can find smiley faces in common objects throughout our natural environment. That is the premise of the children’s book , THE SMILEY BOOK OF COLORS.   Children and parents can read about colors on common objects – which make a smiley picture!  There is one draw back of this book… it is addictive.  Now, I find myself looking for spontaneous smileys EVERYWHERE!  Below is a video of my “findings” and the authors,  Ruth Kaiser.   I also inserted some real kids smiling!  As a side note, I recently met Ruth at the premier of the new RICKI LAKE SHOW. She is as wonderful in person as her book! And, she has a beautiful smile!

Blogs that make me smile and think….

I read a lot of blogs.  Not just one or two, but a whole bunch.  Many are for professional reasons, such as on education. Others are just for the “heck of it”.  Recently, I have come across a number of blogs that make me smile and think “out of the box”.  There is something about them that is full of either “warm and fuzzy feelings” or ” pearls of wisdom”.  Since, I believe in sharing information that is helpful for others, feel free to comment below.  By the way, none of the authors know I am writing this blog and including theirs in my list.  Welcome to my random list.. can’t wait to read yours.

NOAHSDAD.com  Meet Noah, an adorable toddler who happened to have been born with Down Syndrome. His Dad has been chronicling their lives for quite some time. This blog is full of beautiful photography and pure joy.  I love the videos including NOAHS FIRST STEPS.  Warning, you may feel your ears swell with happy tears.


Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!  Where were you and your college financial blog when our family started the college search and savings plans?  Well, our loss should be another’s gain… so readers…please run , don’t walk to Jodi Okun’s blog College Financial Advisors   Also, follow Jodi on TWITTER 

He is fab and so is his blog.  Gotta love the DAILY DIMMICK blog by Stephen Dimmick.  We met via FRIENDS OF RICKI   (THE social media group in conjunction with the Ricki Lake Show).  I found his sense of humor hysterical and his dedication towards helping animals in peril- a true mitzvah!  Glad I came across Stephen’s blogs and hope you will, too!

I LOVE TWITTER... should I shout that AGAIN!  Really, TWITTER has introduced me to people and services, that I would have no idea about if I hadn’t connected via this venue. This leads me to my “visual website choice..”  Amy Goodman.   You may know Amy from  various television programs. I recently, read her book  WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT.     This book is a perfect summer time read.  I really started salivating at some of the purses and outfits and honestly hope we meet someday so Amy can access my wardrobe selections.  The book has a fair amount of constructive tips on assembling a commonsense wardrobe.  Even for those who are far from being a fashionista- like myself.   Her website is chocked full of great info, too.  Bookmark it!

Another great “find” on TWITTER was Allana Pratt.   Known as an intimacy expert, she has a great blog that helps heal and nurture relationships. Much of her work is to help those who have had complicated lives and are in need of assistance with healing from the inside outward. Allana is your person.   Her website is for mature audiences, meaning those who are in need of intimacy help.  CLICK HERE    

Alanna Tweets as @AllanaPratt


If you are a TWEETER like myself and scores of others, feel free to follow ME as @LouiseASL


My Week with the Ricki Lake Show as Friend of the Week!

I had a Forest Gump week. You know the kind. When you don’t know what to expect but you are certain that your life will be like a ‘box of chocolates”.  That is how my week went.  It all started with a little video I posted on the FRIENDS OF RICKI Facebook page. I was encouraged to do so by my friend, colleague and fellow co-founder of 411 VOICES, Britt Michaelian.  Not long after the video uploaded I found out that I was in the running for FRIEND OF THE WEEK. (FOW)

What does FOW mean in terms of the RICKI LAKE SHOW. First, it is a woot!  Great fun getting to know all the people involved in the show, their fans and of course for them to learn a bit about the FOW.  However, in true Louise fashion, I wanted to make this experience a “teachable set of moments”. What can I share with this group of wonderful people that will be lesson. So, I decided to post throughout the week a series of videos that matched the daily themes.  Others had posted videos, too. But, mine were in sign language.

On Monday, I posted a MY MOMENTS video about Daniella. She was a student from the back hills of Western Pennsylvania that made a lasting impression on me.

Tuesday, I had an opportunity to shine the spotlight on 411 VOICES and our unique story. How many of us met because of social-media, yet most have never met in person!  Watch here!

Wednesday, I had the privilege of uploading my PSA for the I AM THE FACE OF THYROID DISEASE campaign. To help others be proactive against thyroid cancers has now become a passion of mine.

Thursday, was technology day.   Which technology can’t you live without?  Find out my answer

Today (Friday) was my farewell video as FOW.  You will need to view the video to understand why the RICKI LAKE SHOW staff snapped a photo waving a hello/ I LOVE YOU in ASL.  Also, today was jammed packed due to the TWEETCHAT which was a rapid fire Q and A.  My Q and A is below.. for more of the Twitter stream go here–> http://www.TWEETCHAT/ROOM/FRIENDSOFRICKI

All in all it was an excellent experience. I must say that I both was unprepared and overwhelmed by all the support and kudos.   So grateful to the amazing staff of the RICKI LAKE SHOW and my “family” at 411 VOICES. 

Thank you all. Enjoy the videos.  Transcript of the tweetchat is below, by request from those who wanted to have access.  Have a groovy week!


TWEETCHAT TRANSCRIPT –  Posting this by request from those who couldn’t attend the TWEETCHAT but wanted to see what transpired. 

Q1 Hi @LouiseASL We are thrilled to have you here! Tell us about YOU.  #FriendsofRicki

A1a Hi @FriendsofRicki I am having such a good time in this community! #FriendsofRicki

A1b @FriendsofRicki I found this community via my friends from 411 VOICES #FriendsofRicki

A1c  @FriendsofRicki  I own Signing Families-> sign language + developmental psych melded together #FriendsofRicki

A1d @FriendsofRicki I help build communication bridges, special needs children, First Responders & more #FriendsofRicki

A1e @FriendsofRicki  I am a mom of 2 grown kids.  College student & a working actor! #FriendsofRicki

A1f @FriendsofRicki I’m married for nearly 25 years. He’s my best friend, makes me laugh  #FriendsofRicki

Q2.  @LouiseASL  Tell us more! What are your hobbies and interests?  #FriendsofRicki

A2a @FriendsofRicki Only ONE day 2 answer?  I have many! #FriendsofRicki

A2b @FriendsofRicki I enjoy PHOTOGRAPHY (Im a novice but love it) #FriendsofRicki

A2c  @FriendsofRicki I really love to TRAVEL! #FriendsofRicki

A2d @FriendsofRicki I also LOVE movies & watching vintage TV #FriendsofRicki

A2e @FriendsofRicki My daughter & I love INDIE films and have been to Sundance Film Festival! #FriendsofRicki

Q3  Describe to us your “Perfect Day” @LouiseASL #FriendsofRicki

A3a @FriendsofRicki Thanksgiving – family, friends around the dinner table laughing…  #FriendsofRicki

A3b @FriendsofRicki Followed by Black Friday shopping at midnight!  #FriendsofRicki

A3c  @FriendsofRicki  Love working with kids and families! #FriendsofRicki

A3d @FriendsofRicki Through SIGNING FAMILIES I get to help people on a weekly basis. REWARDING! #FriendsofRicki

Q4 @LouiseASL Tell us about the women’s media group #411Voices that you Co-Founded #FriendsofRicki

A4a  @FriendsofRicki Social media brought us 2gether, we’re all invested in helping others  #FriendsofRicki

A4b  @FriendsofRicki We have really become more than colleagues, tight knit friendships  #FriendsofRicki

A4c  @FriendsofRicki Our #411VOICES speakers bureau rocks!  #FriendsofRicki

A4d @FriendsofRicki We have many experts it our #411VOICES group. #FriendsofRicki

A4e @FriendsofRicki Experts from astrology – biz to education – family life. Empowering! #FriendsofRicki

A4f @FriendsofRicki  Our site 411VOICES.com – is also multilingual #FriendsofRicki

A4g @FriendsofRicki  French, Spanish, ASL-  many of us in #411VOICES know multiple language #FriendsofRicki

Q5 @LouiseASL “You Have Cancer” – that must have been tough to hear two years ago?  #FriendsofRicki

A5a @FriendsofRicki The clock stopped. Now my life is before cancer and after cancer BUT… #FriendsofRicki

A5b @FriendsofRicki Cancer does NOT define me. #FriendsofRicki

A5c @FriendsofRicki I now have an opportunity to educate others- why I made the PSA #FriendsofRicki

A5d @FriendsofRicki My desire to educate led me to making this PSA video http://ow.ly/bs4Mx #FriendsofRicki

Q6 @LouiseASL Tell us about your philanthropic endeavors #FriendsofRicki

A6a @FriendsofRicki My biz SIGNING FAMILIES donates many educational ASL materials #FriendsofRicki

A6b @FriendsofRicki Give free lessons to families and organizations yearly… #FriendsofRicki

A6c @FriendsofRicki My family also sponsors a college students ed yearly in memory of my Dad  #FriendsofRicki

Q7 @LouiseASL You help First Responders and #EMS learn to sign – why? #FriendsofRicki

A7a-  @FriendsofRicki Post 9/11 it was apparent that EMS was unprepared for much. #FriendsofRicki

A7b @FriendsofRicki Many EMS were unable 2 assist deaf & special needs communities  #FriendsofRicki

A7c  @FriendsofRicki EMS is now are taking courses in ASL & hoc to help special pops which is AMAZING!! #FriendsofRicki

A7d @FriendsofRicki  I now travel nationwide training EMS & many other groups/ companies #FriendsofRicki

A7e @FriendsofRicki This work is VERY REWARDING! #FriendsofRicki

Q8 @LouiseASL How can we all learn more about you? #FriendsofRicki

A8a @FriendsofRicki I would love for you stop by my FB page http://ow.ly/brW17 #FriendsofRicki

A8b @FriendsofRicki You can learn more about my work here > http://ow.ly/brW4b #FriendsofRicki

A8c @FriendsofRicki And I would LOVE to have you stop in to #411Voice > http://ow.ly/brW82 #FriendsofRicki


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