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A perfect fit every time! Meet Fitlogic’s Little Black Pant! #Giveaway

Cricket Lee imagined the concept of a world where women don’t have to try on pants anymore, and it’s taken her twelve years of testing and perfecting the product to go from the “drawing board” to market entry. A couple of weeks ago I saw @Fitlogic on TWITTER. I noticed that they were posting very interesting tweets that caught my eye. And, some of the tweets mentioned a sale – 30% off a pair of a pair of pants. After clicking through to their website and reading about how you can have a pair of pants “made for you” – I was convinced this was the company for me. I promptly ordered and within just a few days the Little Black Pant arrived at my door. Commence the test… would they truly fit like a “glove” without fail? YES INDEED! My pair of pants was perfect!

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