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PEACEABLE KINGDOM, A company to watch with products that amaze!

A fun box of goodies for me to review arrived at my door this week thanks to one company that is definitely “one to watch” … Peaceable Kingdom.  I have been a brand ambassador for this educational company before and have admired their creativity, so my expectations were pretty high with the items in this box.

I was not disappointed. 

Let’s start with the first item that caught my eye… LISTMANIA.  Quite simply, a prompt is given by one person to another (or a group). The goal is to elicit responses for questions such as… How many breakfast foods can you name in 30 seconds?  Things you would want with you at the beach?  And, so on.

This game is a must have for instructors to students who are English as second language learners, or who have reading, language or memory issues.  As a teacher who has taught American Sign Language, I would have loved this game in my classroom. Oh the vocabulary learning that can be done with LISTMANIA!

Need a car game for a long trip? I think you will like this one as it transcends many age groups. 

My favorite aspect about this game is one that really has nothing to do with kids, but with adults.  Quite frankly I can envision a huge application for LISTMANIA to be used with patients who have experienced memory loss or communications issues due to stroke.  Speech and language therapists may find LISTMANIA to be an adjunct component for their strategies for helping patients to elicit speech or language.

Noteworthy is that LISTMANIA won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio BEST TOY AWARD (gold seal and all!) The price point is a very reasonable $9.99 on the Peaceable Kingdom website. 

Now back to the items in my “goodie” box.  The second set were “way cool” POSTCARDS for kids to send from camp, pen pals or keep in touch with family and friends.  The dozen cards come with stickers and are bright and cheerful.

One set reminded me of emojis – which got me laughing for quite some time.  At $5.99 a packet, they would make great “summer camp box gifts” for your kids or someone special.  And, unlike “regular” postcards – these are quite durable!  I think these won’t last long – so here is how to order.

Attention Therapists and Teachers! I LOVE the MY MEANINGFUL LIFE JOURNAL!

Have to admit that this nifty journal is packed full of ingenious activities. Here is the secret, it is not just for kids! In fact, I typically donate items I receive to review. This one is so engaging that I may just keep it – as it is shouting for my inner-child to re-surface!

The book of “Self-Discovery” is a 10/10!  This is an excellent product that can be for just for fun or to jumpstart some real tough conversations.

Seriously, during my days as a school based Psychologist, I  would have bought My Meaningful Life Journal by the dozens to have for psycho-therapy sessions with my young clients.  Price point is very user friendly – $15.99 

Caveat: If you are looking for a journal with a “lighter” theme – check out “The Best Ever Fun-Filled Summer Camp Journal”.  (Just for girls).

And, if you are making a “care box” for kids or soon to be college freshman, consider adding the bright and fun deck of cards that were so cheerful but I really want to use them for my next poker night!

To recap – Peaceable Kingdom is not your typical toy company and these products are not just for kids’ routine play.  As a Psychologist, I see so many  applications for these “learning tools” from helping children through emotional challenges, to adults who have memory, speech or mobility problems. When a company makes products that cross-over age groups and application – I know they are “one to watch”.

Closing thoughts… Peaceable Kingdom products are available WHOLESALE ( PTA’s, School districts and camp directors, click here.  And, note that there are opportunities for school or organization fundraising.

Disclaimer: As I said earlier,  and an educator I am a brand ambassador for Peaceable Kingdom as I received product for this review.

Kindness, Social Good and Sweetness found in these Valentine’s Day Cards (Review)

I don’t often review holiday specific products on this blog.  However, there was something intriguing about Peaceable Kingdom’s  Valentine’s Day card collections that piqued my interest.

First, they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  Not only do they have some weight and substance to them (unlike the store bought ones I use to give my kids to hand out in school), but they come with messages that are thoughtful, yet not too “sappy”.



The “foodie” in me loved the Scratch and Sniff Valentines (Chocolate scented – a bonus!).  They are large enough to go through the US mail without being lost, but small enough to not be overwhelming in a backpack. The box that I received had the standard classroom quantity-  28 cards and 28 envelopes (kinda wish they would add one extra envelope for boo-boos).

The second pack I received was the more interactive Lollipop Valentine’s with “Moustaches and Lips”. These are a hoot! Imagine dress-up for Halloween blended with the sweetness of Valentine’s Day! Again, 28 was the quantity.





Not just for kids!

Here is an “out of the box” idea for the grown-ups who read this blog. These Valentine’s are not just for kids! Imagine how fun it would be to put some out in your office lounge or at your organization’s meeting? Not only are they a fun discussion starter, but they also show that your place of business or group has a sense of humor sprinkled with compassion.


About Peaceable Kingdom 

Before I tell you how to get these delicious cards – let me delve more in to the company itself.  Peaceable Kingdom is “my kind of company”. They are dedicated to #SocialGood. In fact on their “about page” they go in to length about their commitment to being ecologically friendly as a “green company.” 

Peaceable Kingdom’s company mission or “promise” says it all…

The future, as they say, is in our hands. We consider this every day in everything we do so that our children and their future may be as healthy, as peaceable, as our kingdom today.

Also, they don’t just create speciality cards as they are big in to the board game business. Their website also helps promote game inventors, creative kids and much more. People in the San Francisco Bay area who are interested in being a  GAME TESTER can learn more via their website. 

Where to buy?

Direct purchase can be made here via the Peaceable Kingdom website.

On Amazon you can get the Scented Valentine’s for a very reasonable $5.99 (and if you have Amazon Prime that is even better!)  Click here for the direct link.

For the Moustaches and Lips box click here. They are priced at $12.99 but are both a lollipop and clever designs.

Follow on Twitter Peaceable Kingdom and Facebook. 

Have fun!

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