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Sign Language Spoken in this Home!

Natasha in a pic used for sign language photo cards for special education

I grew up in an area where there were lots of languages spoken.  So, it is of no surprise that when my hubby and I had kids we decided to raise them in a home with several languages.  And since I worked at the Delaware State School for the Deaf at the time of the birth of our first child , incorporating sign language in to our home was an obvious choice.

At first it was fun to introduce a variety of languages to our little mini-robot, eh daughter, Natasha.  But, the value of having a signing home really came in to play when our son, Seth, was born prematurely and  experienced serious speech delays.  Years later we still use sign language in our home, school and places of work.  Of course for me, merging my work as a psychologist with my love for sign language resulted in development of my company, SIGNING FAMILIES™.

I asked Natasha to film a bit about growing up in a bilingual home as part of  the SIGNING FAMILIES™  Just the Basics and Just the Kids online sign language courses.  Below is the video. (She has additional signing videos we will include as well in the series,too!)   I especially like the part where she discusses sign language in respect to culture.  I also was pleased to see that ABCFamily wrote that very aspect in to their most recent episode of Switched At Birth when one mom discussed with the other the importance of deaf culture in relation to ASL.


SIGNING FAMILIES™ has new products too.  Believe it or not we have HEBREW– ASL – ENGLISH Bookmarks in stock now.  Go here to learn more  (Also available with Spanish-ASL-English)

I am trying out the new font from WORDPRESS..not sure if I like it or not…

And will you be joining me and  countless others with the boycott against purchasing a single item that profits Casey Anthony?  

Parenting the “Talent”

     I remember when our oldest child, Natasha, wanted to join the ranks of the acting world at the tender of age of three. She calmly approached my husband and myself and asked to find her a person to put her on television.  We asked her to wait until her Bat Mitzvah was completed.  Stupidly, we thought that would be the end of the discussion. That was until the day after her Bat Mizvah  when Natasha handed me a phone and politely said, “Find me an agent. You promised.”  And we did, eventually.

Yet, when the time arrived for us, the parents, to be part of the “acting world” we were totally unprepared. What did we know about getting an agent?  At first we went to all the crazy open calls you hear advertised on television and radio.  Yet, if I knew anything about this “biz of acting” it was that real agencies are selective and these open calls seemed to be non-exclusive.  So we passed.  Wise choice on our part.

Now fast forward.. it has been ten years since Natasha asked me to “make the call”.  She has grown as an actor and has gone from open calls in the Mid-Atlantic region to “by request auditions” in Hollywood.  We just had the pleasure to sit at the E Street Landmark theater in D.C. and watch her rock a performance in the new movie, Lebanon-Pa alongside Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis, and Rachel Kitson.

We have all learned a lot in ten years. And that is why as part of the 411Voices network I will be starting a monthly online radio show- PARENTING THE TALENT as part of the 411Voices series- Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL with Dara Blaker.  The goal is to bring experts to help other parents who have child actors, models, artists, athletes or musicians.  The debut show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st at 12:30 p.m EST.  If you are an “expert” please feel free to connect.  If you are a parent of the “talent” and want to share your story- would love to hear from you, too.  And don’t be surprised if Natasha joins me from time to time! You can follow her on IMDB and or her own website.

Click the link below to sign up for a reminder to listen to the debut show for Parenting the Talent (and Dara’s, too!)

Click here to learn about the 411Voices.com network

Click here to learn about all of our radio shows (many starting in June 2011 including Shara Lawrence – Weiss’ Small Business Matters!).

Why I Think James Durbin Should WIN American Idol™

James Durbin, American Idol Top 10 Contestant

If you are not a fan of American Idol (AI) you are probably thinking that this blog is not worth your time because you have NO idea who the guy in the photo is? And… if you are an AI fan you are gearing up to either agree or disagree with me about why I think James Durbin should WIN American Idol.  So, here it goes.

I feel that James Durbin is an original and refreshing talent that the likes of never before has been seen on the AI stage (and no he is NO Adam Lambert). He can rock the audience with heavy metal as easily as he demonstrates great finesse to sing a ballad.  WOW!   And… (drumroll) whether he wants to be or not he is a champion for anyone who has lived with or loved someone with  Asperger’s Syndrome or Tourettes Syndrome– both “traits” which he proudly wears on his sleeve.

As a School Psychologist I have had “the diagnosis talk” with parents when their child showed evidence of either Asperger’s or Tourettes Syndrome.  Many times parents ask if their child would be able to do activities like “normal children”.  I tried to muster countless positive and hopeful examples.  NONE are as powerful or may have the impact as the example set  by a certain young singer-performer from Santa Cruz, California who happens to be vying for the top spot on the number one reality show of all time.  James Durbin- thank you!

Moreover, I have had the great fortune to know, work with and be friends with many people who have Tourettes or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Some of my smartest college students were members of these “groups”.  I learned more from them than they ever learned from me.  And to this day I support great causes such as Jaylen’s Challenge, Our Journey Thru Autism and the Spirit of Autism– because these groups show the positive, hopeful and realistic side of Tourettes and Asperger’s Syndrome. I also feel that parent forums on Twitter such as The Coffee Klatch– give an outlet for parents and experts to chat together in order to help each other and exchange information and guidance.  Please feel free to check out all of these websites for more details and resources.

Lastly, if James should be eliminated before the final showdown, my money is on Scotty McCreery– as the country voters may just reign supreme- and that will be all right, too!


If you are looking for more information from experts who work with children who are experiencing learning, behavioral or physical challenges- please check out 411VOICES.com       

 Natasha SattlerMEET  Natasha Sattler... She sure would love for you to visit her new page on FACEBOOK.. and also on IMDB.com 

Natasha can bee seen in the upcoming movie (opens April 29th)- LEBANON-PA with Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis and introducing Rachel Kitson.  


I love weeks like this one.  Busy, busy, busy…….First on my “to do” list- attend MACWORLD in San Fran… (swag me baby!)

This is the week I get to be an AMBASSADOR!  I always wanted to be an ambassador and the fact that the company which I represent is FRENCH is so much better!  CANSONPAPERSHOW is way cool and groovy- very high praise coming from moi! Deaf friends stop by…. I’ll be signing up a storm for y’all to see.  Both 1001! PAH!

Now check out the video for yourself which I will post at the bottom of this post.  Please watch and COMMENT… I love comments… tell me what you think…

Next reason for me to be packing a bag that weighs exactly 49 pounds and 15 ounces (no overcharge for me!)-is that I will be  filming a really cool video for the CHRONICLES of EMS series- A Seat at the Table. I was invited to help this amazing group of people tape a series about EMTs assisting children and adults with special considerations. In other words… how to help a child with autism during a crisis or what basic signs to use if a person who is in  need of medical assistance is deaf?  If curious, please check out their websites listed here AND follow them on TWITTER as #CoEMS and @setla. http://www.ChroniclesofEMS.com

Stop #3 on the “Louise overpays for gas throughout California Tour” will be my  visit with mi hija, Natasha.  After wanting to become a California resident/ working actor, Natasha is finally realizing her dream and “going for it”.  She is busy with master acting classes, getting new headshots with a  team that is suppose to be super (Theo and Juliet) and gearing up for PILOT SEASON.  Now for all of you who don’t speak “actor”- PILOT SEASON is when hordes of actors and “wanna be actors” rush to HOLLYWOOD for a few months and try their best to get auditions for upcoming TV pilots with the hopes of scoring a long term gig.  Now, Natasha knows that she needs to steer clear of  the infamous OAKWOOD apartments where you can rent by the week and loads of child actors with parents are hanging out February until April.  For my kiddo this is not a “few month thing”.. she has longed saved to make LA her home and is dedicating 100% of her time to being a working actor.  She is sporting union cards and isn’t afraid to use them!  So, stay tuned because I will be shamelessly plugging her upcoming endeavors.  Which will start with her soon to be released movie- LEBANON-PA where she has the supporting lead role with Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis and Rachel Kinston.  See her reel and a scenes from the movie on NATASHASATTLER.com. And if you are a talent agent or casting director I really hope that you are hiring petite red heads with green eyes and a sense of humor.  She also is new to TWITTER so follow her: @NatashaSattler

Lastly,  The Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign is going really well!  I have been swapping my avatar every day or two in order to maximize exposure for great causes.  To read more about what the heck is the TWITTER CHARITY SCARF CAMPAIGN see the post before this one or click here. AND check out the newest avatar for @LouiseASL sponsored  by a groovy eye-wear company- FICKLETS

FICKLETS owner, Ros Guerrero, wrote the following about her charitable organization of choice, ANGELS for EPILEPSY:

They were also winners of the 2010 Pepsi Grant Program – $5000. They provide gifts to children in hospitals undergoing treatment for epilepsy. The organization/mission is near & dear to my heart for a couple reasons:
-my daughter, Gem, suffered from seizures & was on medication for many years related to her mental disability.
-worked with the founder/blogger, Judy Joyce, for a couple years now & have developed a strong friendship. Incidentally, Judy started the non-profit program due to her daughter who also suffers from epilepsy.
Here come the photos and video…. thanks for reading and watching…..

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