Wanted: School Psychologists

I am writing this blog because within the past two days I have had five inquiries for School Psychologist job positions. They were for both part and full-time employment. Many of the agencies that reached out to me had multiple job offerings throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and other states. Some were flex-time, a few added…

What Can I Do with a Degree in Psychology?

The Class of 2015 recently crossed the podium to receive their degrees in venues that were proud parents, amazing keynote speakers and scores of hopeful graduates. While many may have already secured jobs or slots in graduate schools – a fair number were unsure of their “next steps”. And, of those who may be in limbo – many are now alumni of Psychology programs and although able to converse about human behavior, statistics and learning theory. they are now unemployed. What to do with a degree in Psychology? To answer this question we will need to ask a few more.


April 2nd is now recognized as WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY.  Last week statistics hit the news that cited that one of every 88 children born in the United States will be diagnosed with Autism prior to their eighth birthday.  Seriously, this fact took my breath away.  I clearly recall the first time I ever heard…

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