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The Manhattan Transfer Story

We are living in an era where we, the boomer generation, want to preserve the music that has been the soundtrack of our lives. This year alone we had biopic movies about Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Elton John (Rocketman). Now we have an opportunity to have another – The Manhattan Transfer, a vocal jazz quartet with an addictive sound, are about to have their story chronicled in the documentary film: The Manhattan Transfer Story.

“An intimate, inside look at the nearly 50-year journey of the most significant vocal harmony group in the history of modern music!”

If you are asking, “Who are the Manhattan Transfer?”, then you are younger than Apple Computers! For those of us who remember the harmonies of this foursome, you will know that when they start to sing – magic happens!

Below is a snapshot video of a famous moment of this group at the Grammy Awards accompanied by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald.

Luckily, there are forward thinkers amongst us who want to preserve the music of The Manhattan Transfer by creating a “living vault” of their music and performances. After all, the group have collaborated with so many of the world’s greatest musicians including Jon Hendricks, Smokey Robinson, The Count Basie Orchestra, Chick Corea, Frankie Valli, Bobby McFerrin, Take 6, Weather Report and of course, the aforementioned, Ella Fitzgerald. Plus, they have won 11 Grammys and recorded over 30 albums!

Not many musical groups can lay claim to 11 GRAMMYS and 30 ALBUMS! But the TRANSFER HAVE! (Yes, it was worth repeating!)

The initiative to bring the “Transfers” story to all is taking place RIGHT NOW and being fueled by fans who are contributing to their Kickstarter effort.

I found this explanation on their Kickstarter page to be so poignant and worth sharing:

We are so grateful that The Transfer is opening up their vaults to hours of rare performances and never before seen backstage footage that will completely knock your socks off. It is our mission to bring it all to you...It’s a story that cries out to be told and preserved on film for the ages.

~The Filmmakers

Now, every Kickstarter program I have become involved with has spotlighted interesting people who have made exceptional contributions to our world. The Transfer are of no exception. Plus, their story has a few “surprises” which will be revealed in this new film.

It’s a backstage musical, a family drama, a tale about an incredible array of fascinating characters and their complex relationships, and ultimately a story of love. Plus, it will be packed with great musical performances by the Transfer and their musical influences.

~Miles Mogulescu

Want to learn more about this project?

Start here>>> View on KICKSTARTER

Then follow here>>> INSTAGRAM

This week on Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL is Award Winning Country Music Singer – Abrielle Mullins!

Please join me this Tuesday, September 20th (11am EST) on the  411 VOICES radio program – ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT ALL!  as I interview rising country music sensation, Abrielle Mullins.

It has been a year since I first met this amazing teen with the voice of an angel with a patriotic heart of gold.  I can’t wait to learn on air how this year has evolved  for her and her family given her splash in Nashville!  I hope you will be there as her story unfolds and call in with your questions!

To listen to samples of her amazing voice, press here:  04 Track 04      

To purchase her album visit her website: http://www.AbrielleMullins.com

To listen to the show live click here or on iTunes 

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What American Idols, My Dad and the “Education Jobs Fund” Addendum Have in Common?

This has been a crazy week!   The week was designated by HerInsight media- Toginet Radio as a celebration to former American Idol contestants.  Our time on and off the air with many of our guests was incredible.  But, juxtapose to the wonderful success stories of these talented artists  has been the need for Congress to pass this upcoming week the emergency funding to keep teachers, programs and safety measures in our public schools. So, as I write this post it has made me wonder what would have happened to  American Idols such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert,  Scott MacIntyre, David Cook, Fantasia Barrino,  Kris Allen or the many others who have competed for the top musical reality show awards if they weren’t mentored by a teacher, choir director or a parent and given opportunities within their educational settings to learn music?

My musical mentor was my Dad, the late Stan Masin.  In addition to being a professional musician he studied music education and then became a public school teacher.  He NEVER waivered his dedication to serving children in public schools even when times were tough in our country for educators.  He eventually moved out of the classroom and in to school administration, but always had a passion about keeping the performing arts in to the schools.  And as a School Superintendent in a small western New York community, he strived to have ALL students have an opportunity and desire to cross the stage come graduation day and not just the best and the brightest.   To help the cause of having high schoolers want to graduate he would try to establish relationships with the youngest  students, by eating lunch with first graders and children with special needs. He always said he preferred eating with a bunch of six- year olds than going out for “business lunches”.

Years later, people still  tell me that they appreciated  the efforts my Dad put forth to help serve the children and the community to which we lived.  And it has been 33 years since I crossed the stage and was handed my regents diploma by none other than the School Superintendent , my Dad.  So, this post is written for him and I hope exemplifies that teachers do make a difference – one child at a time.

So,  in honor of my Dad and all the parents who spent their days teaching children other than their own,  I am writing friends and continuing in my efforts to contact government officials to keep teachers employed, non-core subjects in our school curriculum, and our children safe.

Here is how we can all help to urge our elected officials to pass the Education Jobs Fund for emergency spending to preserve teachers, adjunct staff, programs and the safety of our children in our public schools.

And if you read this post to the end, then I am sure you would like to honor YOUR reading teacher by helping out TODAY!



If you TWEET be so kind as to let the NEA know you are there to help by using the hashtag  #EducationJobsFun

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