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A SUPER SURPRISE from CANSON/ Papershow and ABCTeach.com !!

Radio show host, Louise Sattler has great news! Two great companies want to offer GIVEAWAYS to help educators celebrate the opening of the 2010-11 school year. CANSON has their super classroom technology- PAPERSHOW and ABCTeach has super info on their subscription website. Lucky winners will be announced on Thursday, August 19th, 9 p.m. EST

And the Award Goes to…..

LEARNING AND LAUGHTER WITH LOUISE! BEST BACK TO SCHOOL PRODUCTS AWARD – 2010 I think that it is only appropriate that a radio program dedicated to helping foster learning sets aside an entire set of programs to the best products available to students, parents and educators.  July 21st will be the first of these shows…

Hello world!

WELCOME!  Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on my new BLOG, well actually VLOG!  Why is that?  Because, I tend to video blog much of what I want to convey for my friends who are anxious to learn, practice or communicate with American Sign Language! Like many people, I don’t just wear one…

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