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Time for change… Meet the #411Voices Influential Network

Recently, I have met many wonderful people via networking opportunities who ask me, “What is 411 Voices”? They often are intrigued by the concept of nearly two dozen women, who are experts in their own professions, coming together to provide a large menu of services – ranging from consultative to philanthropic. So, without further ado here is an “explanation” about our cadre of women experts-

Our cohesive team hails from across the globe and is comprised of professionals with diverse areas of expertise. For starters we offer media marketing services including strategic planning (digital and traditional) and web development. We are seasoned social media contributors, influencers and brand ambassadors who have #SocialTV experience and”know – how”. Our videos, books, articles and blogs are often hailed by others as “top- notch”! We have a heart for philanthropy and support several endeavors that help causes from education to support for victims of domestic violence or cancer.


Do you read blogs to be inspired? Perhaps to find some humor in life? Or maybe to add to your personal learning?

Which blogs do I read faithfully? Loads! I could write a list that would take FOREVER to read.. but for now I will limit to some of my “must reads” for fun! Let the list begin! …
Love to read BLOGS – May I recommend hopping over to TRIBERR!

Do you want our readers to check out YOUR blog? Feel free to list it in the comment section. ( I reserve the right to hide any comment that is disrespectful or links to a blog that obscene or promotes negativity)

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