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“Like it” or not- Instagram changes are here.

nstagram recently decided to become a “game changer” when it started to hide the number of likes a post received from followers and “gawkers”. I have been mulling over whether or not I thought this was necessary or if I even like this new aspect of one of my favorite social media platforms. I decided to take a practical look at what this change really means to those in media marketing – both brands and individuals who create sponsored posts.

Am I too old for social media? Survey for those who dare to answer

I am getting the sense that my “mature” demographic is not necessarily the one desired by brands, unless it is for medical equipment or pharmaceuticals. Maybe I am just having a bit of “post- birthday blues”. But, in all seriousness, lately, I have had more than one overt signal that I am too old to be a viable media specialist. I won’t lie – that stings a wee bit.

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