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Why I am Not a Fan of “Labor Day” Weekend

I am not a fan of “Labor Day” weekend. First, similar to other holidays we celebrate in the United States – let’s face it – the use of “day” in the name is a misnomer. For some, “Labor Day” is an entire week of last minute vacation time or at the very least a four-day attempt to get the final moments of surf and sand!

Labor Day – 1960’s-1970’s

When I was young this weekend meant that summer was done and school was to begin. Yes, I liked the idea of going to the FIRST day of school. But, after that – I was not necessarily “in the mood”. I would have much rather been running around with friends until the “lights came on” and wait evenings for the ice-cream truck to stop at the nearby corner. Now, I was being relegated to sit in a row in a school – sans air conditioning – on what was predictably some of the hottest days of the year. Toss in the fact that I had a hefty dose of ADHD and sitting in a chair for HOURS after a couple of months of freedom, was for me – torture!

Labor Day 1977

Labor Day 1977 meant I was going to load a car up and drive the 7 hours from my house to the University of Delaware. While I was “all in” to enjoy living away from home and starting life as a collegiate – I was scared and second -guessing the distance. (Those feelings didn’t last more than a few days, by the way!)

Labor Day 1987 – 2007

When I had children my favorite part of their year (and mine) was indeed – Summer. We initiated the Adventurer’s Club – where each week one child would have the exciting “duty” to choose where we would explore in our local area. From museums to hiking state parks, we relished in the knowledge that we can come and go as we please. The lack of schedule and desire to explore on these mini-staycations were some of the most memorable moments of my parenting school-aged kids. Honestly, there were many times I “got” homeschooling.

Labor Day – My Mature Years

Now as a person with no children at home and my own business – Summer seems to roll in to Fall with nearly a blink. Except for a few notable changes. First, Labor Day weekend means that Hallmark stores (and others) seem to wave a magic wand and all their Christmas ‘stuff’ appears on shelves. Yes, we seem to bypass all other holidays and go straight to Christmas.

Positive Note: Fall also does bring one positive element- cheaper travel rates. Hubby and I often like to take advantage of this time of the year.

Back to my list… Labor Day also means that floral scents are replaced with pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Good-bye fruit pies and say hello to pumpkin pie! Not to worry – I love fruit and pumpkin pies!

Lastly and my main “complaint” – This time of year means people become more serious. We wear our “school or work clothes” and put away the fun flip-flop sandals.. We accept, begrudgingly, a life with more regimental scheduling of our day and less time to sit and chat without rushing. And clearly many of us forget the care-free and relaxed feelings of summertime. UGH!

Now you know, my friends, why I am not a fan of Labor Day weekend.

In case you are curious – here is the history of Labor Day.

Meeting Professional WWE Women’s Wrestler- Lisa Marie Varon

It is the most unlikely of pairings! A social media correspondent expecting to just snap a few photos at an ESPY gift suite and a professional woman’s wrestler. But, somehow we bonded over a few laughs, high fives and realizing that life is good after your 30’s (and for me a bit beyond that.)  Lisa Marie Varon is a class act.  I instantly thought she was fun, funny and truly engaging.

Not every celebrity who walks the red carpet wants to have a conversation – but Lisa Marie was much more considerate than many.  We chatted for a long time! After I returned home from helping at the Celebrity Connected event, I did a little research on Ms. Varon.  Or shall I say “Victoria” / “Tara”.

As a woman’s professional wrestler she earned several titles, including twice winning the WWE Woman’s Championship.  Her resume includes  bodybuilder, fitness competitor and entrepreneur. Make no mistake- the WWE enterprise is BIG BUSINESS – with  over 650  million fans on social media alone!   Learn more here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.11.00 PM

I also discovered that Lisa Marie (who was named after THE Lisa Marie Presley) – continues to put fitness first. Despite having more than her share of bumps and bruises in her lifetime, she keeps healthy – I am sure part of her regimen is laughing daily. AND she is a professional speaker – another thing we have in common!

Enjoy the photos of Lisa Marie and I at the  ESPY Celebrity Connected Gift Suite. She also is media savvy and tweets as @RealLisaMarie. She has a few more followers than me – but no biggie!!

Lisa Marie, so glad we met!

Media contacts for Lisa Marie can be made here. BookLisaNow@gmail.com


Lisa Marie wrestler

Lisa Marie Varon and Louise Masin Sattler


No bloggers were hurt in this photo… haha!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.10.12 PM

My day at the #PriceIsRight: Part 2

Just a quick follow- up from yesterday’s blog  about my going to  the social media “awesome” week for the game show The Price is Right.  While I can’t divulge any details about the show results, it is safe to say that my garage will not need to be cleaned out for any additional vehicles to reside.

It was a fun day and rather longer than expected. We arrived at 8am and left after 2pm. We only filmed one episode that will air on January 27th. In the interest of educating any future attendees of the Price is Right, I have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

1- Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

2- Bring sunscreen- you will be outside for a large part of your day.

3- Don’t forget your ID

4- Bring your own lunch and drink – it is very expensive to eat their food.

  1. If you park in their suggested parking lot be prepared for a rather steep payment.  Note that there are no parking vouchers, so you pay in full wherever you park.

  2. There are some really nice people who are in the audience.  Newsflash: this can be a very good networking opportunity – so pack a few business cards! We met people from all over the country, including a whole bunch of Mary Kay Cosmetic representatives who were attending a local convention! If you are not a social butterfly then bring a book. They  take your phones rather early in the waiting process.

  3. Remember that the odds are not in your favor to be chosen, but for those that do  hear the words, “Come on Down!”, it seems to be a hoot of an experience!

Below is the tweet of a pre- show photo with hubby and friends.  I dressed as the “Queen of Tweet”.  Our “interviewer” thought that was funny. My shirt says “TeamDrew” as my original outfit was “flagged” for possible advertising.  Apparently @LouiseASL and #411Voices are known brands! OY!

Price is Right tweet.png


And in the end… 

Sorry, can’t tell you the outcome of the day.  But, do catch the Social Media Awesome week for the Price is Right!  Final note, if you are in Los Angeles and interested in attending a taping of a television show you may want to check out the On Camera Audiences website to see available shows and dates.




Price is Right + #SocialTV …Part One: Pre-game strategies

It all started with an email asking if I wanted VIP tickets to the Price is Right and to participate in their upcoming Social Media Week! Sounded fun. Why not!? That was about a month ago and now I am addicted to watching the show and “studying” for the “just in case” I get picked as a contestant during tomorrow’s taping.  I looked and looked for help on how to “prepare” and found very little advice except from a fun blogger who did win.

Read Aurora’s Blog on her experience on the Price is Right

What I have learned so far on my own won’t be very exciting to report – yet.  Yes, they like to give away a lot of cars and there seems to be required jumping and screaming involved by every chosen contestant.  And, that the more “over the top your personality is” then the more likely you are to be chosen.

Sneakers and t-shirts decorated with Price of Right references appear to be the outfit of choice,  so I took to decorating a few shirts for my teammates (Hubby IMG_0570and a couple of friends) with a hashtag #TeamDrew ( a reference to host Drew Carey).  I also ordered a second shirt with my Twitter handle @LouiseASL and #411Voices as the hashtag- but not sure that it will be allowed. So, I too may adorn a #TeamDrew tomorrow during the taping. I also bought a few obnoxious head bands and one crown.  Apparently those with decorative headbands or crowns get chosen as contestants, or so it seems!  So I have plenty of selection for our team, including the bright red and sparkly headband to the right

To date, hubby and I have watched over a dozen episodes. Trying to be more aware of the games and techniques used by those obviously more seasoned at this game than the two of us.  I must give kudos to the Price is Right procurement team as the trip to Space Camp had me jumping for joy – as if I won it!


I also have found myself wandering up and down the supermarket aisle with much more care than ever. What is the price of baby food these days?  Ketchup? Pancake mix? I always buy on sale, but those prices are not helpful when it comes to guessing correctly for this show! In other words, if you are a thrifty shopper you may be handicapped from winning … A brand new car! 

I plan on chronicling my adventure, from a  ‘social media – educational perspective’. It will be a bit tricky to take photos, as my beloved social media tool of choice, aka my iPhone, apparently is prohibited for use and needs to be handed over to security before entering the studio.

Stay tuned for at least a Part Two – which will either be the next chapter or the “we didn’t get picked as contestants” blog. Either way- I promise to make it educational and entertaining. Wish us luck!  Gotta go… I need to make one last trip to the grocery store to learn the price of paper goods!





     RUN.  An easy word with so many meanings. And a nightmare for anyone who desperately is trying to learn the English language.  Think about it. How many different meanings can you list for this little three- letter word?
Of course there is the obvious.. “Watch Dick and Jane run.”   Or given the season,  The ____ (fill in your favorite baseball team name) has scored another homerun.  
     I have taught American Sign Language (ASL) to hearing students for a zillion years.  And with my advanced classes I always try to show them how RUN can be signed a multitude of ways.  When we are done with this exercise we are all practically sweating.  Keep in mind that these are mostly English- speaking students learning ASL.  Imagine how hard this is for my students who do not have English as their first language?  They often struggle learning the numerous meanings of one little ‘ol word, let alone all the other words in the English language that have multiple meanings.
Yet, for some reason, this particular word seems to really be a stand out for me.  So, here are all the uses of the word RUN that my students and I have put on a list.  Any others?  Feel free to add below in the comment section.
Run in a woman’s pantyhose
Running water
Running off with ones’ mouth
Runny nose
Run for ones’ life
Running brook, stream, etc.
A run for a political office
Running a temperature/ fever
Run the risk of….
Feeling “run – down”
Run- off
Running out of steam
Being give the – Runaround 

Now your turn- add any uses of the word “RUN” below or add a comment about another word that just seems to drive you a bit crazy…….  Well, I’m running out of time for this blog… Thanks for reading!
Just want to point out that my American Idol pick- James Durbin is still in the competition.  Just say’in.  He may just “run away with” the competition, afterall.

Can a Prescription for Chocolate, Italian Ices and Laughter be Bad for You?

Hello and thanks to all who follow this blog and have been of tremendous support during the past weeks of my new role as “Cancer Warrior Goddess”.   I am pleased to announce that my self prescribed usage for medicinal purposes of  chocolate, italian ices and laughter were just the right ingredients to kill off enough cancer cells to make me up and running again.  I simply need to swallow some hi- test nuclear gizmo to eradicate whatever little varmints are left in a couple of months. With any amount of luck (and chocolate) I will be making the Cancer Free Victory Dance sometime in late Spring!

Anyway, back to my “prescriptive” care.  For the first time in my life I have given myself permission to eat as much chocolate as I want.  I lost weight this week.  Evidently if you balance a diet of chocolate with italian water ices then you have a sound and effective diet plan.  Laugh while chewing and you are really burning calories by the dozens.

I also found out some other funny stuff this week.  Since, I have a hoarse voice (post surgery complication to subside in a few more days)… I have resorted to signing more.  No biggie in this family.  Also, I whisper to those who don’t sign when my voice is really hoarse.  Now I need to ask….why do people insist on fake signing or whispering back?  I think it is hysterical to watch this set of human behavior.  Whole teams of doctors and nurses trying to “fake” sign is a riot!  Especially when you understand ASL and can “read” what nonsense they are “saying”.

And lastly, I found out the “junior doctors” are adorable and quirky.  Earlier  this week I had a post op appointment with my Senior Top Doc, Junior Doc and two “wanna be, but not fully there yet- docs” (notice they are docs with a little “d”).  The two wanna be docs didn’t say a word.  I don’t think they blinked either.  Somehow they looked scared but ended up following Senior Top Doc … Hmmmm.  Anyway- back to why Junior Docs are adorable… my Junior Doc had weird terminology and “explanations” of my symptoms.  For example, when I described post surgical neck pain he answered, “Feels like you have been hit by lightening?”.  Well, let me think about this.  How many patients, who also have thyroid cancer, ALSO are hit by lightening and come to this practice?  Please tell me that “Thyca” is not a prerequisite to being hit by a thunderbolt!  When I suggested that the pain was more like a spasm and perhaps the feeling of a “bee sting” he thought that was by far a better explanation.  I guess a course in “descriptive terms of patient symptoms that are acceptable, relatable and actually possible” should be added to Junior Doc’s curriculum.  I can only hope.  If not, I may slip him a few “key phrases” hidden in a chocolate wrapper.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Hello world!

WELCOME!  Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on my new BLOG, well actually VLOG!  Why is that?  Because, I tend to video blog much of what I want to convey for my friends who are anxious to learn, practice or communicate with American Sign Language!

Like many people, I don’t just wear one hat!  I created my own business- Signing Families™, have worked in education for like a “zillion” years, blog on other sites at maniacal speed, host a radio show on the HerInsight network titled- Learning and Laughter with Louise (Yep – it is both Educational and FUNNY!) and have time to spare for my family…. (more about them later).

However, it is important to note that this blog is mostly for us to have a forum to share and learn from each other.  I will be posting my weekly Learning and Laughter with Louise updates here from now on!  So, look forward to flying fingers as I sign my little heart out!

And from time to time I will post favorite material from others, as well.

Comments are welcome…. but we all need to be adhere to a few rules… be nice, play fair and no negativity.

Thanks for reading….

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