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Meeting Professional WWE Women’s Wrestler- Lisa Marie Varon

It is the most unlikely of pairings! A social media correspondent expecting to just snap a few photos at an ESPY gift suite and a professional woman’s wrestler. But, somehow we bonded over a few laughs, high fives and realizing that life is good after your 30’s (and for me a bit beyond that.)  Lisa Marie Varon is a class act.  I instantly thought she was fun, funny and truly engaging.

Not every celebrity who walks the red carpet wants to have a conversation – but Lisa Marie was much more considerate than many.  We chatted for a long time! After I returned home from helping at the Celebrity Connected event, I did a little research on Ms. Varon.  Or shall I say “Victoria” / “Tara”.

As a woman’s professional wrestler she earned several titles, including twice winning the WWE Woman’s Championship.  Her resume includes  bodybuilder, fitness competitor and entrepreneur. Make no mistake- the WWE enterprise is BIG BUSINESS – with  over 650  million fans on social media alone!   Learn more here.

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I also discovered that Lisa Marie (who was named after THE Lisa Marie Presley) – continues to put fitness first. Despite having more than her share of bumps and bruises in her lifetime, she keeps healthy – I am sure part of her regimen is laughing daily. AND she is a professional speaker – another thing we have in common!

Enjoy the photos of Lisa Marie and I at the  ESPY Celebrity Connected Gift Suite. She also is media savvy and tweets as @RealLisaMarie. She has a few more followers than me – but no biggie!!

Lisa Marie, so glad we met!

Media contacts for Lisa Marie can be made here. BookLisaNow@gmail.com


Lisa Marie wrestler

Lisa Marie Varon and Louise Masin Sattler


No bloggers were hurt in this photo… haha!

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Price is Right + #SocialTV …Part One: Pre-game strategies

It all started with an email asking if I wanted VIP tickets to the Price is Right and to participate in their upcoming Social Media Week! Sounded fun. Why not!? That was about a month ago and now I am addicted to watching the show and “studying” for the “just in case” I get picked as a contestant during tomorrow’s taping.  I looked and looked for help on how to “prepare” and found very little advice except from a fun blogger who did win.

Read Aurora’s Blog on her experience on the Price is Right

What I have learned so far on my own won’t be very exciting to report – yet.  Yes, they like to give away a lot of cars and there seems to be required jumping and screaming involved by every chosen contestant.  And, that the more “over the top your personality is” then the more likely you are to be chosen.

Sneakers and t-shirts decorated with Price of Right references appear to be the outfit of choice,  so I took to decorating a few shirts for my teammates (Hubby IMG_0570and a couple of friends) with a hashtag #TeamDrew ( a reference to host Drew Carey).  I also ordered a second shirt with my Twitter handle @LouiseASL and #411Voices as the hashtag- but not sure that it will be allowed. So, I too may adorn a #TeamDrew tomorrow during the taping. I also bought a few obnoxious head bands and one crown.  Apparently those with decorative headbands or crowns get chosen as contestants, or so it seems!  So I have plenty of selection for our team, including the bright red and sparkly headband to the right

To date, hubby and I have watched over a dozen episodes. Trying to be more aware of the games and techniques used by those obviously more seasoned at this game than the two of us.  I must give kudos to the Price is Right procurement team as the trip to Space Camp had me jumping for joy – as if I won it!


I also have found myself wandering up and down the supermarket aisle with much more care than ever. What is the price of baby food these days?  Ketchup? Pancake mix? I always buy on sale, but those prices are not helpful when it comes to guessing correctly for this show! In other words, if you are a thrifty shopper you may be handicapped from winning … A brand new car! 

I plan on chronicling my adventure, from a  ‘social media – educational perspective’. It will be a bit tricky to take photos, as my beloved social media tool of choice, aka my iPhone, apparently is prohibited for use and needs to be handed over to security before entering the studio.

Stay tuned for at least a Part Two – which will either be the next chapter or the “we didn’t get picked as contestants” blog. Either way- I promise to make it educational and entertaining. Wish us luck!  Gotta go… I need to make one last trip to the grocery store to learn the price of paper goods!




Top Ten Reasons Why I Love California!

Two years ago my hubby was offered an opportunity to move to California.  He asked me if I was ready to make the leap from being an East (Right) Coaster to a Left Coaster – I didn’t hesitate long enough to even blink and before I knew it we were sorting and packing 17 years worth of “stuff” (most of it useless, I must add). That was nearly two years ago and we haven’t looked back.

When I landed at Los Angeles airport (LAX) hubby greeted me and said words that to this day make me smile – “Welcome home“.  Now before you think this is a naive love-fest for California, note we had longed to be residents of California for quite some time.  Many family vacations were spent in some of our favorite places such as Laguna, Coronado and San Juan Capistrano.  So, when opportunity knocked I bought another bathing suit, checked out places to move that would have walkability, safe neighborhoods with a view and started to pack! (The makers of Rubbermaid pack and stack tubs thank me to this day!)

I started to write my “What I love about California list” before the moving van actually arrived.  And, I add to it on a regular basis.  Without any further adieu and in the spirit of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists,  here are my Top Ten Reasons Why I Love California!

#10 – Weather. This is obvious and why anyone would love to move to Southern California. The weather is glorious most days and even the bad days are not all that awful.

#9- The weathermen on TV.   Not such an obvious choice. I get a kick out of watching the weather forecasters on Los Angeles TV.  Let’s face it – what exactly can they do to make SoCal weather sound exciting day after day? Well, it appears that they spice up the broadcast by offering up the  weather forecasts for other cities, mostly in other states.  Last week alone we covered Dallas to Portland, Maine on our local weather.  If nothing else, my geography has really improved in the past two years.

#8 – Thai food.  I do love Thai food and this area has such an abundance of great Thai food restaurants! In fact,  Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. food is top notch here!

#7 – The beaches. Enough said.

#6- Parking at the beaches.  Almost always a great spot can be found.  Easy to walk to on to the beach and in some cases you can even bring your dog! Jones Beach, New York  – I love you, but there is much to learn here!

#5 – Movie galas. Where else can you see one movie premiere after another – only here in LaLaLand!

#4- The people are nice.  I have heard mixed reviews on the “warmth” of LA folks.  Yet, I have lived in a lot of places and LA may not get the “congeniality” award, but it is not the worst either. People in LA are fine by me!

#3- Traffic.  If you think that LA traffic is bad I want to offer a comparison.  Go ahead and drive the Washington DC beltway at 5pm on a weekday.  Better yet, do it when snow is PREDICTED and see how it compares to LA.  Want to triple the fun? Try NYC anytime on Thanksgiving weekend.  Or I double dare you to do drive through Staten Island and Brooklyn en route to Long Island – any time of any day!  And, if you are in a rush to get to an airport skip Chicago! If you are a doubting Thomas by all means read this traffic comparison report.

#2. Sunrise, Sunset.  I could snap a photo a day of the sunrises and sunsets and never get tired of it! (Enjoy my pics on this blog, by the way.)

#1- I love that in California there is no reason to ever say, ” I am bored.”   If you do it is your own fault. Grab your keys and ride to the mountains or the beaches. Go walk, hike, bike ride or swim.  The outside is your playground and healthy living reigns here.

I will end my tribute to California with just a little caveat – other states have wonderful attributes, too. So, Californians don’t forget that planes can fly outside of our sunny state and the roads do go east, north and south.

Happy Holidays everyone and be safe wherever your travels may take you!


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My Year of Learning How to Kick Cancer to the Door

It has been a year since I heard the words that no one wants to have burned in to their brain- Sorry, but you have metastatic cancer.  Yep, that was me.  A little more than a year ago.  It was a sunny day. I was going for what was suppose to be a “no brainer” ultrasound of a few “probably nothing” nodes in my neck. I walked in an optomist thinking of nothing more than how I would spend the rest of the day after the procedure shopping.   I walked out of Johns Hopkins outpatient center a statistic – someone with cancer. WOW! In fact, according to some recent stats, I was one of 357,000 women living with Thyroid cancer. Oh Goody!

Because people sometimes read what I write or ask me to speak in media, I get to talk about my Life with Cancer – a lot. As an educator, I don’t mind. It gives me an opportunity to set the record straight and educate others about being proactive with personal health issues. I learned from the best on how to be an example of someone who lives with cancer BUT is not defined by cancer, from my friend and colleague, Maimah Karmo.   I learned to blog about my  pre-op, post-op and treatment phases. I helped others learn too by talking to groups, being interviewed and blogging for others on websites such as, DEAR THYROID.    I even filmed a PSA for IamtheFACEofTHYROIDDISEASE.org.

I learned that you can’t be a member of this “club” alone. That people will come and rally around you. Friends and family will support you in ways that are just too numerous to count. I was really lucky to have a bunch of Cancer Warriors join my team. They all should know who they are and consider this a group hug and THANK YOU!   And, a huge thanks to  all the Top Docs at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Overall, I was damn lucky this year to have so many in my corner.


I realized pretty quickly that if I had to go through this crap that I should do it with grace, humor and a purpose. So, I decided to run a TWITTER SCARF campaign. I stole the idea from my friend, Shara Lawrence-Weiss.  (Pictured wearing her TWITTER avatar hat.Read the TWITTER story here). In essence, I changed my TWITTER avatar to be a free advertisement for a company or foundation. I simply would wear a different scarf and photo shop their logo.  The company would then in turn donate monies to the charity of their choice. I had a lot of response and together we all donate almost a thousand dollars. Purpose.. yep- cancer can give you purpose when you are not caught up in the anger.

Now it was not all fun and games. Cancer never is. The treatment for thyroid cancer is not as bad as other cancers. I didn’t have to have chemotherapy, but I did need to have Radioactive Iodine treatments – which are no joy.  The worst part of the process, however is the waiting. Did the treatment work? Do I need another? Is anything else growing and if so, where?

I also learned some really important life lessons. Cancer is expensive and insurance companies can’t make those co-pays magically disappear.   I learned that not all people want to stick by you and remain friends because cancer may be “contagious”.  Real friends stick around and those who are just in it for only the “good” but not the “bad or the ugly” will run for the hills.  I heard from others who also are in the cancer world that it is not uncommon for  relationships to unravel. That is a shame, but a reality. As I mentioned, I’m grateful for those who stuck around (including my amazing hubby) and deleted the rest. Cancer can be an emotional brain sucker.  No need to spend any synapses worrying about those who were afraid that they may “catch’ the BIG C.

I will no doubt have more journey in the coming years. Cancer doesn’t like to just go away easily. There is always follow-up scans, blood work and more. Even if you are in remission you still have “more to do”.  But, I intend to kick cancer to the door in 2012. Not the front door, but the back door. Cancer doesn’t have the right to go out nicely.

Lastly, Happy Holidays and please feel free to share your pearls of wisdom if you too have been on a cancer journey this year or in the past. Let’s all learn from each other.

Summertime Learning for ADULTS!

Today as I am writing this post it is a hot (95 degrees) and humid (90%) day in the greater Washington D.C. area.  Don’t make any mistake in thinking that this is a “dry heat”.  So, I am especially grateful to Willis Haviland Carrier, who purportedly invented the air conditioner.  This little piece of trivia is new to me and I will add it to the list of “things” I learned during 2011.

I was raised in a home where education ruled supreme.  And after watching and reading commentary about   OPRAH‘s tribute to her by the Moorehouse University graduates who she supported, I gather that we were not the only ones.  But, if there is one thing I know for sure- it is that one should never stop learning or you just mentally wilt.    (You can watch Oprah’s surprise here)

So, here is my list of things that I want to learn the Summer of 2011.  (And add yours to the comments below!)

1- Zumba.  Yes, I want to learn more about this form of dance. Would love to hear from others who have tried this dance and exercise form.

2-  Learn about HTML. That is a computer term and program “thing” – for those who may need to brush up on it, like me.

3– Read more.  I want to read about a random topic.  I haven’t picked it out – yet.  That will take a trip to the library. And thank the goodness we still have libraries!

4. Learn how to play Mahjong.

and lastly… 5.  Learn more about how to operate my “fancy” camera.

TAG – YOU’RE IT!  What will you learn this Summer?



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Missed my debut radio segment which airs during the 411 Voices- Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL! show?  I was privileged to interview Talent Manager, Susan Ferris from the Bohemia Group.  Here is the audio-  Listen Here

Want to learn American Sign Language later this Summer?  SIGNING FAMILIES will be offering ONLINE COURSES starting August 2011.  Here is what we will be rolling out…

Just for Kids– a basic sign class geared for kids and taught by kids!

Just the Basics- A Sign Class for anyone who wishes to learn, with emphasis on those who are in the hospitality, restaurant, vacation attractions, hotel and business industries.

Adaptive/ Functional Sign Language A course designed to teach children, their families and educators within the special education communities.

Sign language for medical and dental personnel. 



     RUN.  An easy word with so many meanings. And a nightmare for anyone who desperately is trying to learn the English language.  Think about it. How many different meanings can you list for this little three- letter word?
Of course there is the obvious.. “Watch Dick and Jane run.”   Or given the season,  The ____ (fill in your favorite baseball team name) has scored another homerun.  
     I have taught American Sign Language (ASL) to hearing students for a zillion years.  And with my advanced classes I always try to show them how RUN can be signed a multitude of ways.  When we are done with this exercise we are all practically sweating.  Keep in mind that these are mostly English- speaking students learning ASL.  Imagine how hard this is for my students who do not have English as their first language?  They often struggle learning the numerous meanings of one little ‘ol word, let alone all the other words in the English language that have multiple meanings.
Yet, for some reason, this particular word seems to really be a stand out for me.  So, here are all the uses of the word RUN that my students and I have put on a list.  Any others?  Feel free to add below in the comment section.
Run in a woman’s pantyhose
Running water
Running off with ones’ mouth
Runny nose
Run for ones’ life
Running brook, stream, etc.
A run for a political office
Running a temperature/ fever
Run the risk of….
Feeling “run – down”
Run- off
Running out of steam
Being give the – Runaround 

Now your turn- add any uses of the word “RUN” below or add a comment about another word that just seems to drive you a bit crazy…….  Well, I’m running out of time for this blog… Thanks for reading!
Just want to point out that my American Idol pick- James Durbin is still in the competition.  Just say’in.  He may just “run away with” the competition, afterall.

Hello world!

WELCOME!  Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on my new BLOG, well actually VLOG!  Why is that?  Because, I tend to video blog much of what I want to convey for my friends who are anxious to learn, practice or communicate with American Sign Language!

Like many people, I don’t just wear one hat!  I created my own business- Signing Families™, have worked in education for like a “zillion” years, blog on other sites at maniacal speed, host a radio show on the HerInsight network titled- Learning and Laughter with Louise (Yep – it is both Educational and FUNNY!) and have time to spare for my family…. (more about them later).

However, it is important to note that this blog is mostly for us to have a forum to share and learn from each other.  I will be posting my weekly Learning and Laughter with Louise updates here from now on!  So, look forward to flying fingers as I sign my little heart out!

And from time to time I will post favorite material from others, as well.

Comments are welcome…. but we all need to be adhere to a few rules… be nice, play fair and no negativity.

Thanks for reading….

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