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Mark Your Calendars: One Day at a Time / Season 3: February 8th on Netflix!

Let me begin this article by openly saying that I am old enough to recall the original Norman Lear sitcom, One Day at a Time. The storyline chronicled the trials and tribulations of a single mom (played by Bonnie Franklin) and her two daughters ( Valerie Bertinelli and MacKenzie Philips). For the 1970’s, it was considered “edgy”, but also very realistic. This show was another great example of the “signature” programming that Lear loved to develop – using humor to spotlight serious and timely subject matter.

Prior season poster

Fast forward to 2017, and again along comes Norman Lear, as Executive Producer, sitting alongside a creative team and cast that is par excellence to recreate One Day At a Time – 2.0. The core theme remains virtually the same – a single mom with two children make every effort to survive and thrive during good times and bad. But, here is where the series veers off the original story – our “every day” family is Cuban-American. And the topics that are filmed in front of a live audience, reflect 21st century issues, including politics. Kudos to the writing staff who have put in to the laps of the One Day At a Time characters weighty dialog and matters of the heart that I am sure serve as a catalyst for important discussions taking place in homes, schools and the workplace.

While One Day At a Time (2017) is compiled of a cast and crew that are top-notch, for me, the stand-out role goes to Isabella Gomez and her very honest depiction of being a teen coming out to her family as a lesbian. I applaud the program creators, Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, for bringing contemporary issues that face families every single day to the forefront in their scripts. Having this screen family create a “safe space” for LGBTQ discussions speaks volumes to the integrity of this program and opens the doors for families’ watching to feel that they can do the same.

Read more about the LGBT response in media via Pride.com

Outside the studio prior to filming

I would be remiss to not mention that Rita Moreno appears on this studio stage with much humor and candor in the role of “Aubela/ Lydia”. You know that a production is very much worthy of attention when an EGOT, a winner of an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award, signs on to play a key role. As Lydia she is GENIUS! (No surprise there!) And off camera, she entertains the studio audience as if she was the Energizer Bunny!

I was privileged to be invited as a guest to a filming of an episode. I have sat in many audiences of many film productions before. This set felt different. More like a block party in your hometown neighborhood. The camaraderie of the cast and crew was palatable. There was laughter – a lot of it!

Netflix will release One Day At a Time’s Season 3 starting February 8th.

One Day At a Time also has caught my attention on social media, using their handle as @OneDayATime and hashtag #ODAAT . They have a robust cast and production crew that tweet, post and ‘gram’ with frequency. I love following the engagement that Gloria Calderon Kellett has with her social media audience. Here is a woman who is using social media for social good to spotlight women directors, causes and to educate those interested in the film industry. Bravo, Gloria! (She tweets as everythingloria).

So, if you are looking for programming that the family can watch and may spark dinnertime / carpool discussion – catch One Day At a Time in less than two weeks. I will be tuning in! And, fingers and toes crossed that Netflix gives the show a fourth season option!!

  Connect with the #ODAAT folks here:

One Day At a Time: Instagram / Twitter

Hashtag on Twitter (#ODAAT)

Hashtag on Instagram (#ODAATNetflix)

Mike Royce: Twitter

Gloria Calderón Kellett  Twitter / Instagram

The writing team tweet, too! @ODAATwriters

Justina Machado: Twitter / Instagram

Isabella Gomez: Twitter /  Instagram

Marcel Ruiz: Twitter  /Instagram 

Netflix  :  Netflix.com & @NETFLIX 



I have this dream. That one day I will be flipping through my cable TV guide and there it will be … a list of TV channels 24/7 programming in American Sign Language.  Each one with news being delivered in sign language, a full cast of deaf actors or signing characters in animation.  These shows will have captions for the hearing, such as was the case in UNIVERSAL SIGNS.    I yearn for daily signed content  available to anyone to watch on their TV set.

I know that there are already front runners in this endeavor. Some cable networks have slots for deaf content and there is much online TV in sign language. I LOVE DeafTV.com and video channels such as D-PAN (Deaf Performing Arts Network). But, what I am campaigning for are channels equivalent to Telemundo or CCTV where live content streams all day, everyday!.

Why? Well, in the United States American Sign Language is the fourth most commonly used language. (Behind English, Spanish and Chinese).  All of these languages and respective cultures are represented with a mainstream TV presence. Where are the ASL channels? The Deaf Community Channels? In addition, many excellent deaf actors seek employment but find this road much more challenging than their hearing counterparts due to limited roles or maybe even understanding.  (The same can be true of others with unique challenges.)

So, bravo to ABCFamily and others who put shows with content that demonstrates the deaf culture, sign language and employs deaf actors!  Now let’s see if we can expand to 24/7 deaf networks on public / cable TV.  I know I am not alone with my dream.

Your respectful thoughts are welcome.


How I became “inducted” into FRIENDS OF RICKI (FOR)!

I moved to California almost five months ago. During that time I have had many unexpected opportunities come my way. None more surprising than becoming involved with a social media group for the new RICKI LAKE SHOW.   It all started when Britt Michaelian, my 411 VOICES co-founder,  introduced me to a few tweeps via #FriendsofRicki.  She encouraged me to upload a video on to their FACEBOOK as they were looking for pitch ideas for the show.. So, I did.  You can view my initial video   here.

Before you knew it, I was being spotlighted as FRIEND OF THE WEEK.  And, that my friends started the ball rolling and my formal “induction” in to the FRIENDS OF RICKI (FOR) community!

This is what I do KNOW about being a FOR.  First, you get to come to see the tapings of the show as a VIP.  Cool right!  I even got to bring my mom! I also get to have a voice, through open pitch meetings, writing for the online Ricki Lake Show website and much more.  The women at 411 VOICES  have been very supportive of the Friends of Ricki social media efforts by giving much  of their TWITTER-LOVE and online support!

The best part of being  part of the FOR cadre are the friendships and connections you make.  From chatting with Ricki Lake, herself to meeting and dining with amazing folks via the Ricki Lake MeetUps (which are now available nationwide).  I believe that I may have made some friends “for life” thanks to TEAM RICKI!

Here is how you can become a FRIEND of RICKI, too!

On TWITTER simply tweet with the hashtag #friendsofricki

Go to the website for more connections THE RICKI LAKE SHOW WEBSITE


 Below are some photos from various events for FRIENDS OF RICKI..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SPOTLIGHT OVATIONS – Empowering Kids Through the Performing Arts!

Tuesday, November 29th I will have the pleasure of interviewing on  the 411 VOICES Radio network show, ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT ALL!,  Sharla Mandere, who is the founder and director of  SPOTLIGHT  OVATIONS PERFORMING ARTS (SOPA).  

Sharla’s brainchild is a  performing arts group that is dedicated to helping empower children and instill confidence by providing various skill development classes for acting, circus training and dance.  She has an amazing story and I can’t wait for all to learn more about his dynamic woman!

Listen to the broadcast LIVE here on Nov. 29th at 11a.m. EST

Listen to the podcast here

Learn more about  SOPA and their San Diego based courses here or email Sharla at INFO@SpotlightOvations.com

Follow Sharla and SOPA here on TWITTER

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