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NEW Early Brain Development Box Set – Perfect for Parents and Educators!

NEW Early Development Brain Insights Box Set

There are a number of professionals who are dedicated to early childhood brain development.  Deborah McNelis, founder and owner of BrainInsights is one of my favorites!  Not only does she have a wealth of experience with how children grow, feel and behave – but she has been a well sought after speaker and entrepreneur for years. That is why when her latest product – the NEW Early Brain Development Box Set was delivered to my door this past week, I leapt at the chance of reviewing it and sharing it with readers.

Deborah has been known for her creation of  user friendly cards that are chocked full of ideas and activities for people who live with, care for and love young children.  This new box set is full of bright photos adorning cards with amazing ideas for engagement and learning.  Each one is meant to stimulate developmental milestones including socialization, motor development, communication and skills needed as building blocks for formal learning situations. The unique aspect of this set is that the cards  are written as if from the perspective of the child.  Give Me, Show Me, Cheer with Me and etc.


As a School Psychologist who works with training staff on developmental and educational issues, I found that this product aligned nicely with Early Head Start and Head Start goals.   There is enough involved with this product to make anyone who specializes in child development or pediatric neuro-psychology happily satisfied.

I had an opportunity to ask Deborah what was her main objectives with her latest addition to her already successful product line. She replied: The main point I am trying to promote is that this set is ideal for parenting programs, teachers, homevisitors, therapists, and pediatricians. It makes it very easy and affordable for them to provide insights and ideas to parents, if they can’t afford to provide brain packets for each family.”

I would have to agree, at under $50 for the ENTIRE set this is almost a “steal”.  I would deem the NEW Early Brain Development Box set perfect as a baby gift or an addition to any early childhood centers or schools.

Pre-order information can be found here:  BrainInsightsOnline

Note: I received a set of cards gratis from my colleague via 411 Voices, Deborah McNelis. They were donated to a young family following the completion of this blog.

TEACH MY PRESCHOOLER – Emergent Learners Will LOVE it!


I am old fashioned when it comes to teaching young learners about math, reading and writing.  As an educator,  I prefer hands on activities over computer generated tasks (Although I recognize they have their place in early childhood learning, as well.)  The TEACH MY series is one that I fully enjoyed and could see practical at home and early childhood center practicality.

I will focus this review on the award winning TEACH MY PRESCHOOLER LEARNING KIT, the third in a series offered by the company which also created and sells TEACH MY INFANT and TODDLER kits.  First, let me say that the owner, Christy Cook, is a wonderfully motivated entrepreneur who has a heart of gold!  She has created a common sense approach for pre-academic and developmental skills for  infants through preschoolers. The kits are all chocked full of emergent learning with a healthy dose of fun and interaction!

The preschool kit is comprised of ten early primer reading books with flashcards and a box to create a word bank.  The books are soft covered which would make it easy for tucking them in to a purse for use in restaurants or doctors offices.

Pre and early writing skills are introduced with a letter print guide, magic drawing board (my personal favorite!) and four sets of tracing transparent cards.

Math skills were very cleverly taught with a counting book, poster and set of train flashcards.  Also, counters and foam numbers rounded off the kit which I found visually engaging and great for kids who learn through multiple modalities. The entire kit can be housed in a cute and sturdy carrier with a handle.  Small enough for the average preschooler to proudly bring to the grandparents house, but mighty with content!

I have reviewed and seen many, many products geared towards academic readiness. I truly found the TEACH MY PRESCHOOLER LEARNING KIT  to be TOP NOTCH!  The kit reviewed is offered online at $49.99

Christy Cook has agreed to give one random commenter a free kit of their own.  Simply comment below before Midnight Pacific Time on February 14, 2013. You must live within the United States or Canada and be 18 years of age.

You will be notified privately.

The kit that was given to me for review will be donated. I earned no financial compensation from My TEACH or Christy Cook.








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