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#TXTGen – when one single text…


For those of you who are interested in a serious conversation about sexting and teens/ tweens- please join us on TWITTER APRIL 8, 2015 at 8p Eastern Time and 5p Pacific Time.  Use the HASHTAG #TXTGenCHAT


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Imagine finding out that a text was received by your daughter from one of her male schoolmates – of his penis.

She is horrified.  Embarrassed.  Bewildered.

And eleven years old.

Now imagine being the parents of this 11 year old who find out about this incident several months later.  What do you do to help your daughter? What should the school do since it happened on their campus?  How do you transform your anger and negative feelings about this incident in to something positive?

Meet the Setla Family – who decided that the serious matters of cyber – bullying and sexting was a discussion that needed to go much farther than their kitchen table and in  fact, in to the homes of tweens and teens – globally.

 The “mission” for this family was clear- create a film and a series of educational materials  that  would address these topics and could be available for school and home viewing.  I applaud the efforts of the Setla family and Ted’s media colleagues, all who have come together to create – #TXTGen

I have known Ted Setla for many years and agreed to help him with this film on many different levels.  Starting with this invitation to all of you …  Please accept this invite to  join the filmmakers, including Ted Setla – the dad of this true story, to a TWEETCHAT   thisWednesday – April 8th  – #TXTGen 

 Hosted by 411 Voices Influential Network and Setla Films

Beginning this Wednesday at 8pET,  5p PT

Please follow the hashtag on TWITTER for  #TXTGen


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Learn more about #TXTGen- the film via their
Learn how to support this film via this website

and please let others now… about this very important topic that faces many families today. Thank you!  Louise



WordsWound1What if you could offer your tween or teen a book that would help them get through the complexities of peer relationships? Perhaps  a template, so to speak, on how to make your way around the school hallways without wondering if someone was snapping a photo or instantaneously uploading something you said in the cafeteria on to a social media site. AND… what to do IF you found yourself as online fodder for others.

Also, what if this same book can help as a catalyst for discussion between parents and their children or teachers and their students? Worth the price of two vente lattes?

Online cyberbullying is a problem and one that is aptly addressed in WORDS WOUND by Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja.

In less than 200 pages this paperback gives students skills to help prevent cyberbullying as well as how to react if they are ever a victim. The authors stress being proactive, but know that sometimes they can’t stop every problem – so what to do if a teen does find themselves in the midst of online bullying?

Parents will read this book with perhaps some astonishment. As a Psychologist who works in social media, I had NO idea of some of the sites mentioned that teens are using that are a bit “off the grid”.   I do now!

Now my shoutout to teachers – this book should be on your shelf! It gives you ideas on how to prevent and stop cyberbullying. The insights shared are invaluable. The authors have included excellent talking points that are mature and thought provoking.  Guidance counselors also should add this to their books on helping those bullied in schools and for peer group sessions.

WORDS WOUND is available via FREE SPIRIT Publishing and other online stores.



Also by FREE SPIRIT PUBLISHING and worth the read by the younger set!

ARMOND GOES TO A PARTY – this book is written to help children understand Asperger’s Syndrome or as a social story for a child on the spectrum. BUT, I really think the true audience is the parent who will love a story about hope and inclusion.  Delightful book, well written and adorable illustrations.

Early childhood and Young Children books by Elizabeth Verdick.  From CUDDLE to BYSTANDER POWER .  These books are just the right size to pop for a parent to pop in to a bag and have handy for times when you have to wait – such as a restaurant or doctors office. In fact, when I saw BEDTIME, from the TODDLER TOOLS series,  I thought that it would be an excellent addition for a pediatrician’s office!  Elizabeth Verdick’s catalog of books can be found at this link.



Disclaimer- I was not compensated for this review except to receive a free copy of the books mentioned.  I donated the books received.

BULLY by Patricia Polacco (and more resources for educators and parents)

  BULLY is the latest book written by one of my all time favorite authors, Patricia Polacco.   I truly believe that Polacco was the original blogger ,as each of her narrative books tells an important story that is based on the life and times of the author.  If you are a lover of children’s books, then you  surely will recognize previous award winners by this writer.  Two of  which continue to hold a place of honor in our home are  THE KEEPING QUILT  and THANK YOU, Mr. FALKER.  And, now I will set BULLY in a place to be easily discovered by guests, as well.

In case you are new to the magic of Patricia Polacco let me give you a recap of my favorites- THE KEEPING QUILT is a family chronology that shows how important our ancestors are to our future.  THANK YOU, MR. FALKER chronicles Polacco’s childhood struggles with learning disabilities and the one teacher who helped her feel worthy and that she could succeed.  As an offshoot, of the latter book, Polacco  now has penned BULLY,  a story set in contemporary times, but one that could resonate with any person of any age who recalls the sting of being bullied.

The main character of  BULLY is Lyla, who could easily be the kid next door, your daughter or your friend.  She is a person who has recently moved to a new community and simply wants to “fit in”.  She has good parents and has been raised to be a loyal friend, but her temptation to be part of  the “in group” sets her up to be bullied.  As an educator, I could appreciate the genuine scenario that Polacco has demonstrated so eloquently.  She has done her homework on writing for her young audience – it shows on every page!

Bullying is a serious problem in the United States.  It is so pandemic that now we offer October as the Anti-Bullying month! It only seems  fitting that counselors and educators will want to add BULLY to their school shelves as part of an anti-bullying curriculum.  Parents also should find this book any easy start for talking points that are so necessary to have in today’s world- cyber bullying.

These resources are on my Anti-Bullying recommendations list. I hope you find them helpful. 










I received as part of this review a copy of BULLY.  No  monetary compensation was awarded. The book will be donated to a local school to be shared and enjoyed by scores of children.  The opinions of this review and blog of that of Louise Masin Sattler.
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