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A Face. A Social Story. Helping children with Autism to express feelings

I have worked many years within the Autism community and one theme that continually comes up when a person on the spectrum misses or misreads social and emotional cues. This can lead to difficult, awkward and at times, comical situations. Many therapists, psychologists, educators and parents work diligently to try and bring social awareness and correct communication (including semantics) to those who have challenges in these areas.
That is why I decided that some of the scores of photos I have amassed can be put to good use to help others. Feel free to download and share this slideshow.

A Feel Good Story Meant to be Shared!

This video about Jason McElway, a young man with Autism,  has been around for a couple of years. Yet, I couldn’t help but post it as a reminder that amazing things happen in schools everywhere!  Bravo to the coach and all the students who rallied with support for Jason! Enjoy!

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