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I Hit the Social-Media Jackpot…

I hit the social-media jackpot this year! What started as a small idea between a few online friends and colleagues has spun its’ way in to a much larger and productive endeavor- 411 VOICES.  For those of you who don’t know about 411 VOICES, it is a collective of women who have a common mission – To make the world a better place by helping others through education (in the broad sense), via business and through empowerment / life leadership.  Some of us are from media while others are quieter soldiers making a difference one person, family or business at a time.

There are a ton of all women groups with online presence. Ours is different. And in order for me to explain the difference I need to introduce you to the amazing women who I now am proud to call not only my 411 VOICES colleagues but friends…. In the words of our member, Annie Fox....”We are a paella”.  I chose to introduce you to my “411 VOICES sisters” thought a media slideshow (also found on our intro video on the website).  The names of our experts and ways to connect are below.  To learn how to bring our 411 VOICES associated with our SPEAKERS ALLIANCE  please send an email to INFO@411VOICES.com.

Enjoy getting to know the women of 411 VOICES.  

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DARA BLAKER ,  Entertainment and Music are her passion.  Listen to my co-host every Tuesday (11:30amET) here:  ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT ALL.    Follow here here: DaraOnRadio

KRISTEN ANDRESS     Media consultant who wants you to simply …Imagine Being.  She rocks the PR world including some well know celebs.  Read more about the CEO of Andress Consulting

LIYSA CALLSEN    Funny, poignant, thought-provoking, inspirational, and funny- again! That is our Liysa Callsen, aka codadiva.. learn about growing up hearing in a deaf world. (And better yet- book her as your entertaining speaker for your next convention)

SHARON DAVIS    My colleague and friend, Sharon, receives my  411 VOICES  humanitarian award for 2011. When not busy helping her friends in Japan following the aftermath of the tsunami, she is involved with finding people here JOBS!  Connect with Sharon via 2Work-At- HOME

ANN DUNNEWOLD    Hailing from the great state of Texas she is an author (of many books) and a life coach. Dedicated to helping women feel better about herself.

JANE DUNNEWOLD   Our newest member is a gifted artist with talent to spare. I look forward to learning more about her.

BETH ENGLEMAN    A media dynamo who juggles single mommyhood with hanging out with Oprah! Correspondent for iVillage and much more. Connect with Mommyonashoestring here

ANNIE FOX   Author, Educator and Anti-Bullying Advocate. She won’t stop until there are no more children being emotionally or physcially abused in our schools and neighborhoods. Follow her via Cruel is NOT Cool 

MAIMAH KARMO    SURVIVOR.  Maimah survived some of life’s biggest obstacles. Her personal journey is compelling and an inspiration to young and old. Read about this amazing survivor of both Liberian unrest and breast cancer.

LYNNE KENNEY  is the FAMILY COACH.  She is a top authority on keeping balance and harmony within the home.  Also, teams with another 411 VOICES member (Marianne Russo) on Special Needs Radio. 

MARGARET McSWEENEY   CHARITY.  Margaret is one to give over and over and over again.  Read about this authors work with young women via PEARL GIRLS 

BRITT MICHAELIAN    SOCIAL MEDIA GIRLFRIENDS  is Britt’s new venture about bringing women together via social media to help each other.  WOW my friend Britt, is the platinum standard for building a social network.

AVA PARNASS   The Kid Whisperer.  Musical, therapeutic and creative.  Connect with Ava via her new website 

JENNA RIGGS     Artistic, creative and dedicated is how Jenna rolls. Together with Beth Engleman they are MommyOnAShoestring!

MARIANNE RUSSO  Bringing people together to help those in the special needs community is the purpose behind Marianne’s THE COFFEE KLATCH.   

ASTRID STROMBERG   Psychic, Astrologer and expert on all things paranormal.  Astrid connects you to worlds beyond. Connect here to learn about weekly talk shows and on air readings

SHARA LAWRENCE- WEISS   The WHIZ at SMALL BIZ!   Learn how to “perk” with this successful stay at home entrepreneur via MOMMYPERKS.com

RACHEL WRIGHT    Turning loss in to opportunity! That is what this single mom did after her divorce. Creator of National Mom’s Night Out!

WENDY YOUNG   Tough Kids are her speciality.  Delivered with gentle reason and common sense through KIDLUTIONS!

One Child Helping Another- a True Act of Friendship

Jaylen, his sister and me - meeting in Florida, December 2010. These kids are both amazing!

I have known Jaylen Arnold for more than a year. Each time I read his posts, watch his videos or see his tweets I have to remind myself that he is not even a teenager, but a young boy with multiple personal challenges who does not wallow in his own struggles, but chooses to help others. In fact he goes beyond measure to assist peers, such as in the case of his friend,  Carissa Bodner.

In the video below Jaylen eloquently appeals to his audience to help Carissa, who recently was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike. She has been in critical condition and has received multiple surgeries. Carissa, needs our help. Please watch and then consider contributing to  Jaylen’s campaign to lend a helping hand to his dear friend.

There are several ways to connect with Jaylen.



My company, SIGNING FAMILIES will be donating a generous portion of  proceeds from our product sales to Carissa throughout the fourth of July weekend. Perhaps you will do the same? Thank you.

Raising a Confident Kid / Tween / Teen Model

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Once a month I host a radio program titled, Parenting the Talent. I have blogged before that I was inspired to do so as a way “pay it forward” to parents and professionals who helped our family when my daughter, Natasha Sattler  was first starting out as a professional actor. Today I had the opportunity to interview Marlene Wallach,  CEO and President of the Wilhelmina Kid- Teen Modeling Agency and author of an array of self -esteem and inspirational books aimed at the tween-teen audience.

Marlene, who hails from my native state of New York and makes me yearn for “home” with her New York accent, gave tons of sage information during our interview. Much of this information is available through her very cheery and comprehensive website geared for the tween and teen crowd – Just Ask Marlene or JAM! On the website one can check out her book which offers the “411” about beauty, fashion and also provides help for those kids who are having a difficult time with self-esteem during the tricky adolescent phase of life.

Below are the highlights of our interview. To hear the interview in its’ entirety please go to iTunes (press the June 28th tab)  or Blog Talk Radio. 

Marlene provided solid information which included the following important words or wisdom for parents and aspiring modelsL 

1- Modeling involves the WHOLE FAMILY.  The entire family will be impacted when one or more members becomes a professional model. Therefore, the WHOLE family needs to understand that changes will occur to family dynamics and routines. Also, commitments need to be honored, even when there is a class trip planned or other event.

2- Education is important. Marlene did not advocate for homeschooling when it came to professional models because of her concerns with socialization. However, she understood that sometimes circumstances necessitate home educating a child. She did mention that summertime was the busiest for kid models with back to school, Halloween and Christmas holiday print and commercial jobs. Therefore, many kids are working models during the “off season” where schooling is concerned.

3. Headshots that look natural are key for older tweens and teens.  And a quality snapshot is acceptable for younger children. (Leave the makeup bag at home! If you are 12, look 12 in your photo.)

4. Parents within the special education community wrote in prior to the show with some questions.  Some have children with Autism or Downs Syndrome. Louise asked Marlene about the likelihood that children with special needs would find regular assignments within the modeling world. She indicated that children with special needs are a niche market and while some companies, such as Toys R Us, conduct many print advertisements with inclusion in mind, most print ads do not incorporate a large number of children with exceptional needs. Yet, Marlene did add a caveat that children who are cooperative, take direction, are able to demonstrate sound reading skills, have parents who are easy going and they too “follow directions” will be more successful in the modeling world.

5. Modeling is an investment.  Parents should be aware that there are “start up fees” such as headshots and resumes.  Also, maintenance fees, such as for travel or wardrobe.

Meet Walden, age 16 and working professional model

1. Marlene noted that most modeling agencies choose 90% of their roster of kids to represent via photos they receive. Traditional “snail” mail is best. Open call does not generate as many contracts as many believe. Marlene gave an example that at a recent open call her agency conducted they interviewed 1500 kids. They signed 30. And of those only five will have regular work. This is not a career for the weary (child nor parents).

2. Marlene advised Walden to make her audition remarkable.  Walden asked how she could best leave an “impression” with the agents when they see so many “new faces” during an open call.  Marlene suggested that she tell a joke or say something that would quickly show her “personality” and help agents to recall her name, face and the lasting “impression” come the end of a busy day when decisions need to be made.

Here is how YOU can learn more about our guests from today’s PARENTING THE TALENT:

To  connect with Marlene or book her for a speaking engagement contact her via her website. Marlene is available to speak about raising a child model, self-esteem with tween and teen girls and other related topics.

To learn more about Marlene’s Tween Lifestyle Collection of books on beauty, fashion and self-esteem go to herJAM website, too!

Ask her a direct question here: justaskmarlene@gmail.com.

To connect with Walden please contact her representative at the UR Supermodels (management group)  

♥ Also, at the beginning and end of this show we gave a shout-out to a niche clothing store with “groovy clothes for all ages”-  the NEW VOGUE SHOP in Wellsville, New York. They generously will give a $50 gift certificate to the FIRST PERSON who goes to their FACEBOOK PAGE and posts the following:  ” I listened to PARENTING THE TALENT and the code is FASHION

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out ALL the 411Voices.com  radio shows, hosts, and much more!

Can you hear me now? My radio voice is BACK!

I had so many questions when Natasha Sattler was first starting out in the acting world. Now it is my turn to help others!

It is with jumbo glee that I am returning to online radio this week with a new show – PARENTING THE TALENT!  Unlike my other shows, this one is dedicated to sharing information and resources when you are the parent of an aspiring actor, model, artist, musician or athlete.

My first guest will be Susan Ferris from Bohemia Group.  She and I will chat about the general Do’s and Don’ts when you are the parent of an actor.  (Answering questions such as, “What is the difference between a manager and agent? Does my child need a professional headshot?   When do you need to join a union, like SAG or AFTRA? We want to go to Hollywood during pilot season – HELP!)

Join Dara and I  this Tuesday, May 31st starting at 11 a.m. EST on the 411Voices network– Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL!

Here is the link to PARENTING THE TALENT (ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS of it ALL with Dara Blaker and Louise Sattler)

Want to call in your questions or ask them in the chat room? (619) 639-4656

And feel free to post your questions here on this blog’s comment section or here:  http://411voices.com/expert/

You can email me, too!  info@signingfamilies.com


  Here is a list of ALL of our current shows and upcoming radio shows! All times are Eastern Standard Time!!

Monday– Coming Soon- the Educators Network- Information Station.  Hosts will be various education experts from our 411Voices collective!

Tuesday from 11-12:30  Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL! With Dara Blaker and ME!

 Wednesday1-2 pm  Small Business Matters with Shara Lawrence- Weiss from MommyPerks.com

Thursday  7-9 pm Be Psych’d with Astrid Stromberg from Brilliant Essence and Liysa Callsen of codadiva.com (Liysa will start the end of summer)

  Friday- TBA- Parenting with Marianne Russo, Lynne Kenney and Ann Dunnewold.   

Parenting the “Talent”

     I remember when our oldest child, Natasha, wanted to join the ranks of the acting world at the tender of age of three. She calmly approached my husband and myself and asked to find her a person to put her on television.  We asked her to wait until her Bat Mitzvah was completed.  Stupidly, we thought that would be the end of the discussion. That was until the day after her Bat Mizvah  when Natasha handed me a phone and politely said, “Find me an agent. You promised.”  And we did, eventually.

Yet, when the time arrived for us, the parents, to be part of the “acting world” we were totally unprepared. What did we know about getting an agent?  At first we went to all the crazy open calls you hear advertised on television and radio.  Yet, if I knew anything about this “biz of acting” it was that real agencies are selective and these open calls seemed to be non-exclusive.  So we passed.  Wise choice on our part.

Now fast forward.. it has been ten years since Natasha asked me to “make the call”.  She has grown as an actor and has gone from open calls in the Mid-Atlantic region to “by request auditions” in Hollywood.  We just had the pleasure to sit at the E Street Landmark theater in D.C. and watch her rock a performance in the new movie, Lebanon-Pa alongside Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis, and Rachel Kitson.

We have all learned a lot in ten years. And that is why as part of the 411Voices network I will be starting a monthly online radio show- PARENTING THE TALENT as part of the 411Voices series- Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL with Dara Blaker.  The goal is to bring experts to help other parents who have child actors, models, artists, athletes or musicians.  The debut show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st at 12:30 p.m EST.  If you are an “expert” please feel free to connect.  If you are a parent of the “talent” and want to share your story- would love to hear from you, too.  And don’t be surprised if Natasha joins me from time to time! You can follow her on IMDB and or her own website.

Click the link below to sign up for a reminder to listen to the debut show for Parenting the Talent (and Dara’s, too!)

Click here to learn about the 411Voices.com network

Click here to learn about all of our radio shows (many starting in June 2011 including Shara Lawrence – Weiss’ Small Business Matters!).

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