PR/ Media Consultant / Social Correspondent

First, a fifteen minute consultation about your social media needs is FREE. Simply use the  CONTACT form to inquire. 

You work day and night to make your company a success and WHAT? You need to be on social media to market, too? How exhausting! Plus, making the RIGHT connections can take from the quality time you need to grow your business by running around networking with people who can offer you opportunities.


So…  connecting, networking, strategizing and activating to benefit your brand is where I come in!  

Let me put together a sensible media marketing plan to help  grow your company, give you a social media presence, and if need be – ramp it up to create a buzz that is substantial. Plus, I am a great “matchmaker”! My virtual “rolodex” is full of connections across verticals!

And, if you need just a little boost- such as for an event or launch of a product/ book, etc. – let’s talk about that, too!  I know some awesome social media correspondents and influencers around the globe – so feel free to inquire about influencer marketing.


And even more brands that I have contributed to their social media or marketing efforts: