Amazon Prime Day(s) Picks for Tech, Travel and Back to School (July 2018 Promo)

July 2018 Amazon Prime Days are upon us and here are Louise Sattler’s picks for Technology, Back to School and Travel products.

Traveling the Pacific Northwest: Alaska!

Louise Sattler chronicles her family trip to Alaska via a Princess cruise. Learn about glaciers, “must visit” places and where to see whales!

Traveling the Pacific Northwest – Part 1: Seattle and Vancouver

Family vacations can be exciting, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting.  But, with lots of planning, a spirit for adventure and a sense of humor – the family vacation can be a success.  I am writing this… More

Traveling Differently- Resources

Why Resources for Traveling Differently Are Important to Share I know that not everyone can travel the same.  Some people may use mobility devices, such as wheelchairs or walkers, while others may have sensory challenges… More

All About Traveling – Differently!

I believe that travel affords us some of the best life lessons. That is why I started TRAVELING- DIFFERENTLY to share resources and reviews to help guide families and those with unique challenges.