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Lately, publishers have reached out to me to review a variety of books. Many of them educational, while others are simply fiction. Those that I like and recommend I will review (or add a link to a review) here. If I don’t like a book, I won’t bad-mouth it. I simply won’t add it to my virtual bookshelf.

 Full confession:  I am a friend of the author of HALFLING and was her media manager for a few months during her launch. However, I agreed to do that AFTER I was blown away by this book! Donna Marie Robb (aka Donna Atmur) is BRILLIANT! She has constructed a world in which both children and adults will find themselves lost and not wanting to return until they know the fate of Remi, the protagonist. Read the stellar KIRKUS REVIEW HERE

Ready to be heard is the candid account of a Deaf life when one was hearing.  Do you mourn the loss? Do you embrace the new challenges? These questions are answered and much more in this biography by Amanda McDonough. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, too! Her website and links to ordering can be found here.

The Light of Deaf Women
If you like Bill Bryson - read this!
When you need to laugh through the grief

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