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Congratulations to Ben Hickernell and team for producing a brilliant film-  LEBANON-PA .. set to open on April 29th. I had interviewed Ben several months ago.  Excited to see the film make it on the BIG SCREEN.  Here is the trailer– 


Listen on iTUNES by clicking his link:

Louise interviewed Middle School Confidential series author, Annie Fox

Annie talks about her campaign against bullying called CRUEL is NOT COOL!  Listen to her passionate plea for people to help children and create a safe environment for all!  And on a lighter note- Annie gives Louise some advice about being an “emptier nester”.  Beth Engelman and Hilary Bilbrey also call to chat with Annie.


Mary Gardner- Ruch-

Last year I was so blessed to have interviewed a long time friend of mine and also a women who I admire.

Listen to this very special and “just in time for Christmas” interview- 

SUZANNE REMINGTON of THE BOYS STORE-  Unique shopping for BOYS only!

Suzanne Remington is the heart and soul behind a mom owned business THE BOYS STORE!

Follow Suzanne on Facebook and Twitter as @theboysstore

Here is our interview for your listening enjoyment!


Nov. 24th-  Thaddeus Setla- Paramedic, Filmmaker of the Chronicles of EMS and Michigan Football Fan!

Thaddeus Setla- Helping Train and Entertain EMS

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a topic I have written about several times in within this blog.  Many of you are familiar with my interest for educating paramedics, trauma specialists and nurses how to use sign language effectively  with people who use sign as their primary or secondary mode for communication. The response has been overwhelmingingly positive thanks to the help of a few friends, Thaddeus Setla included!

Thaddeus is known throughout the EMS community as the filmmaker and catalyst behind theChronicles of EMS  (CoEMS) and a fun little forum known as a Seat at the Round Table.  Chronicles of EMS is a series which has garnered the attention of people within the film and EMS communities as an outstanding independent attempt to have everyday people and EMS personnel sneak a peek in to the life and times of daily medical services within the field.  Whether the Chronicles of EMS spotlights a serious critical incident or how EMS personnel are called in to action simply to find out that a homeless person is seeking free medical care and attention in a hospital, the stories are always interesting.

I had the opportunity to interview Thaddeus and will hope to do so again, soon!  I also am privileged to have been invited to San Fransciso in order to film a segment, two or three regarding special needs children and how EMS can best assist them during a medical or disaster event.

Here is our interview and also please visit and SUPPORT the Chronicles of EMS. This quality filmmaker and the people involved with CoEMS deserve a shot in the spotlight through PBS,Discovery Health Channel or any other network which cares about showing a quality story to many.

Here is our interview on the VIMEO CHANNEL (and when I can figure out how to get it to upload correctly- it will appear here too):


Nov. 21st:

Louise Interviews Jaylens Challenge Winner- Bruce Holtgren

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Click Here to listen to our interview- Louise Interviews Bruce Holtgren

Last Sum mer I was asked by Robin Arnold, mom to Jaylen, the dynamo– to contribute some items for an online auction.  I decided to offer one auction winner an interview with me to discuss any family friendly topic he or she wished.  Lucky for me Bruce Holtgren won as he was a sensational interviewee!

Bruce is a man who has worked in media most of his life.  He hails from New Mexico but has lived for many, many years in Cincinnati.  He is a lover of sports, the arts and helping kids.  He also has Tourettes Syndrome.  However, Bruce didn’t want to focus his interview on being an adult with Tourettes.  Instead he wanted to emphasize that the world would be much better if we all invested in kindness and helping our children.  He also is a strong advocate for improving our current educational system.  Now it should be evident why we got along so well!  Bruce and I talked for quite some time about how adult volunteers could really be a source of support for so many children.  We also discussed how children need to have great adult role models who read to them, spend time listening to them and being proactive vs. reactive.  He had a lot of terrific ideas.

And when the serious conversation hit a natural lull I asked Bruce about a city I never have explored- Cincinnati!  He recommended his favorite chili spot, where to see the best vistas of the city and much more.  He also likes his sports teams!

And his “top pick” for a gift this holiday season?  Well, I ‘ll let you listen to the interview for that nugget! You may just be surprised!

Enjoy meeting Bruce Holtgren, a really nice guy and winner of Jaylens Challenge!

Nov. 17th-

Lisa Callsen is an intriguing, dynamic and energetic speaker delivering an inspirational message.  As a hearing child of Deaf parents, she identifies with being a Coda (children of deaf adults). The only speaker of her kind, takes you into her journey of living in a Deaf household and dealing with the hearing culture. She is bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Her story will educate and encourage you. She believes we all have a story, she’ll engage you, empowering you to embrace your own identity, culture and diversity.

Coming up soon for Lisa- The Coda365 tour (visit for more information!)

Connect with Lisa on TWITTER as @CODADIVA

Watch our interview here:


Shara Lawrence Weiss of – The Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Here is our interview- Enjoy!!

Holiday Gift Guide, 2010


Dave Victorson from Scholastic Storybook Treasures – ASL Videos

My audio interview with Dave:  

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