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How a Mother of an Autistic Child Started My Entrepreneurial Journey – Signing Families

Louise Sattler founded Signing Families because of a single comment a mother said to her at an IEP meeting.

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Tips for helping your child with learning disabilities complete homework

Welcome to the 2015-16 academic school year! The number of children and youth ages 3–21 receiving special education services was 6.4 million, or about 13 percent of all public school students, in 2012–13. Some 35 percent of students receiving special education services had specific…

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When the Earth Shakes and Spins! How to be prepared for Earthquakes and Tornadoes!

If a hurricane hit your home today would have an evacuation plan? If you awoke in the middle of the night to the earth trembling and your home shaking violently- would you know what to do? Green skies are often the first warning of a tornado coming – where should you go? Dangerous chemicals were let in to the air following a train derailment near your home – would you know what to do and where to get credible information for either evacuation or sheltering in place?

There are so many disaster scenarios that specialists in the field of “community safety” are figuring out strategies and how to get the best prevention and help in place in case of the big “WHAT IF” does happen.

In the interest of public safety I will be posting as series of articles about how to PREPARE for potential disasters AND also incorporate resources. The information also will look at the statistics behind the most common disasters. For today, let’s start with TWO very real disasters that face many worldwide – earthquakes and tornadoes.


You may think that earthquakes are only on the west coast of the United States or in remote mountain regions of Asia. But, that simply is false. Earthquakes happen in almost every state in the US and throughout the world, from the island of Japan to mountains of China. In fact, earthquakes can occur anytime, anywhere. Just ask the people of Washington DC who experienced a good size earthquake 5.8 in 2011 (The epicenter was in Virginia). Click here to find your area and see if you were in the location of where more than one million registered earthquakes occurred this year. (Approximately 13,000 were a 4.0 or higher). States with the most earthquakes? Alaska and California have the most (no surprise) but you may not have thought of Utah as a top earthquake location?

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Thank you, Miss Huntley

                     I loved the first day of school.  Especially when I was in elementary school as that meant a new outfit (Only dresses permitted in 1967) and Mary Jane shoes.  I…

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2012 Holiday Newsletter from Signing Families

 Just in case you missed our annual holiday newsletter here it is..  **Happy Holidays to ALL! As we enter in to 2013 SIGNING FAMILIES will be offering ONLINE SIGN LANGUAGE interactive lessons via USTREAM Watch for our special announcement early January and learn…

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Disaster Preparedness for Special Populations

Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall over a large area of the east coast this weekend. Disaster Preparedness is essential, especially with special needs children and adults. A post written by Louise Sattler, Psychologist and trainer of First Responders for Disaster Preparedness.

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Back on the Air with 411 VOICES Radio Network

Tuesday, August 21st at 11a.m. EST I will be back on the air via BLOG TALK with 411 VOICES Radio.  Once again, sharing a time slot with Dara Blaker on the the program, ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT…

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A Feel Good Story Meant to be Shared!

This video about Jason McElway, a young man with Autism,  has been around for a couple of years. Yet, I couldn’t help but post it as a reminder that amazing things happen in schools everywhere!  Bravo to the coach and…

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Happy Halloween Greetings in ASL!

To learn more about sign language and how you can learn starting today visit SIGNING FAMILIES

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