How a Mother of an Autistic Child Started My Entrepreneurial Journey – Signing Families

Louise Sattler founded Signing Families because of a single comment a mother said to her at an IEP meeting.


Educator’s Sign Language Lesson Plans #2

Part 2 of summer / homeschool learning opportunities in sign language by Louise Sattler, of Signing Families.


Sign Language Instructional Lesson for Educators #1

    Welcome to the Educators Lesson Plans for Signing Families! The first lesson in learning sign language is actually talking to your students about Deafness and why some people may “talk with their hands”. Great resources to set the groundwork for older students to talk about Deafness and How to approach the topic of Deafness?  […]


The Signing Families Mini-Emergency Communication Chart – For When Time Counts! (ASL- English – Spanish – Chinese)

This pocket-sized emergency communication chart has FOUR different languages represented. Photos for a dozen important informational signs are in sign language, English, Spanish and Chinese! There is a space for writing with a washable marker allows for efficient communication during challenging situations, such as medical emergencies or disasters


TEN SIGNS for NEW ASL LEARNERS (Free download)

Happy Holidays! As a present from me to YOU I am offering a FREE downloadable pdf of 10 FAVORITE SIGNS from SIGNING FAMILIES (my instructional company.) Free Download included in the BLOG


December Newsletter: 2013 in Review, ASL Style

Happy December! I know every year has 12 months, yet this year seemed to have gone by in a flash! I use to keep better track of the seasons, and time in general, during the “parenting years” – when I had kids in school. Back then I knew what month it was by what PTA project I volunteered to do. October was the Halloween parade, December was buying teacher holiday gifts, and so on. Now that my kids are grown and my status is that of having a “low occupancy home”, I realized that I must now resort to keeping track of the old fashioned ...



YES, I am guilty. I changed my mind – AGAIN! I have tried THREE different newsletter services, only to realize that the most efficient way to disseminate information about SIGNING FAMILIES, the 411 VOICES network (including my radio show) and more was via my WORDPRESS blog! YES, I promise to make sure that the content is equally, if not MORE GROOVY, than what was in my prior newsletters! HOW TO GET this GROOVY INFORMATION? Simply go to my sidebar on this blog and complete the FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL or if you use WORDPRESS you can opt to press the FOLLOW button!


The Secret Revealed! Thanks MeeoMiia

Yesterday, I posted a blog telling you that Meeo Miia and I worked on a concept which we would divulge tonight on the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW via Blog Talk Radio. So, tonight we will! LISTEN HERE But, because we want to entice you to listen and participate in our #giveaway we will give you an early peek in to our secret… HUGE thanks to Sherri Pellegren, owner of Meeo Miia – for designing a beautiful necklace based on the SIGNING FAMILIES logo and embellished with loads of I LOVE YOU – art . The logo which was created many years ago for SIGNING FAMILIES by ...


I got a secret….

If you know me then you know it is sooo hard for me to keep a secret when it is good news! Well, I have been keeping a really fun secret that I finally get to divulge tomorrow during my radio show interview with Sherri Pellegren from MeeoMiia. ( A wonderful company that is mom and daughter owned and operated!) During the show you will get to learn the story as to how and why Sherri and myself came up with a really groovy concept that will help to benefit children and families in the deaf community.

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