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Post 9/11 – Lessons Learned by First Responders and Myself in Helping Special Populations

It is almost the anniversary of one of the saddest days in American history. A day when time seemed to have stood still. When the morning started as a day so crisp and clear it was almost too good to be true, yet ended full of darkness. And, the day which I asked myself over…

Educators Contest- Win Free ASL Products for Students!

Louise Sattler announces the Educators Contest for her company SIGNING FAMILIES™. Also, see how she is close to “winning” (or at least in serious contention) for the 2011 Start Up Nation Leading Women in Business Contest (Yep, “On Fire”).. and meet some special women who have the 411- Shara Lawrence- Weiss, Jenna Riggs and Liysa Callsen (


START UP NATION 2011 MOM ENTREPRENEUR COMPETITION! PLEASE VOTE DAILY HERE: (simply pick daily reminder) I has been a really long time since I “campaigned” for any competition. I think my last run for an office was in the seventh grade. I lost- badly. This time I am hoping to compete in something a little…

Thaddeus Setla- Helping Train and Entertain EMS

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a topic I have written about several times in within this blog.  Many of you are familiar with my interest for educating paramedics, trauma specialists and nurses how to use sign language effectively  with people who use sign as their primary or secondary mode for communication. The response has been…

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